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What is the concept of validity?

It concerns the question whether any observed effect is a genuine one


What are the key questions concerning internal validity?

Did the Iv produce the change in the dependent variable or not?


What are participant effects?

When participants behaviour is affected by the attention of a researcher


What are demand characteristics?

A queue that makes participants unconsciously aware of the aims of this study will help participants work out what the researcher wants to find


What other three ways to deal with participant effects?

Use a single-blind design, a double-blind design or experimental realism


What is researcher bias?

The effects of the researchers expectations on a participant's behaviour


What is the difference between an investigator and an experimenter

The person who designed the experiment is not the same as the minion who actually deals with the participants


The investigator can have indirect effects - Give an example of this involving loose procedures

If an investigator does not clearly specify the standardised instructions


Can the relationship between the investigator and the experimenter create an effect?



What is the fudging effect?

The investigator may invent extra data so that the findings please the experimenter or vice versa


What is the experimenter personal attributes effects

If an experimenter liked one group (e.g blonde women )more than another it may cause them to treat participants differently


Orne and Scheibe Created a study which invented the term demand characteristics it involved a panic button… Describe the study

Participants had to sit in a room on their own for four hours one group of participants were after the beginning to sign a disclaimer form and the others were given a panic button to push if they felt overly stressed. The other group were given no such information. The first group had had their expectations aroused and they showed extreme signs of distress.