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What is a hypotheses,
What is a directional hypothesis,
What is a nondirectional hypothesis
14  cards
Whats is an experiment,
What is an experimental condition
2  cards
ethics and experimental design
What is a confederate,
How would you conduct a pilot study,
What is the stroop effect
17  cards
Selection of participants
In any study the group of individ...,
The researcher wants to do what a...,
What is a sampling frame
23  cards
We have established that a hypoth...,
What does testable mean,
What are the four steps of the pr...
6  cards
Experimental control
What is a confounding variable,
What is another word for confound...,
What are order effects
13  cards
Descriptive statistics -Measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion
What are descriptive statistics,
There are two main ways to summar...,
What is a conclusion
25  cards
Descriptive statistics – tables and graphs
What is raw data,
What is the last thing you would ...,
What is a frequency table
19  cards
Lab and field experiments
There are three main kinds of exp...,
How does an experiment differ fro...,
What is a laboratory experiment
24  cards
Validity - internal validity
What is the concept of validity,
What are the key questions concer...,
What are participant effects
12  cards
Confounding and extraneous variables
What are nuisance variables,
What is the difference between an...,
Can you remember the account of c...
10  cards
External validity
What is external validity,
Is a study that is low in interna...,
What is ecological validity
10  cards
Quasi and natural experiments
What is a natural quasi experiment,
What is the advantage of a natura...,
What the disadvantages of natural
9  cards
Ecological validity
What is context dependent memory,
What was the garden and badly dee...,
To assess the ecological validity...
6  cards
What is an ethical issue
1  cards
What is an acronym for rememberin...,
What does drippa represent,
What is privacy
28  cards
Dealing with ethical issues
What are ethical guidelines s,
Who monitors the behaviour of psy...,
Who monitors the behaviour of psy...
18  cards
Experimental and control groups
What does the term control mean w...,
What is the purpose of the contro...,
Does control just mean keeping so...
6  cards
Nonexperimental methods and science
What are other methods to conduct...,
What are the key principles of sc...,
What is a paradigm shift
23  cards
What are the advantages of interv...,
What is the main advantage of a q...,
There are re guiding principles w...
30  cards
What is a clinical interview,
What is a structured interview,
What is a semi structured or unst...
8  cards
Validity of self-report techniques questions interviews and psychological tests
What is a psychological test,
Name five types of psychological ...,
When assessing the validity what ...
20  cards
Assessing reliability
What is external reliability,
What is internet interviewer reli...,
What is internal reliability
27  cards
What are the 4 main types of obse...,
What is naturalistic observation,
What is controlled observation
7  cards
Designing observational studies
What are the key issues for the d...,
What is operationalisation,
What are behavioural categories
44  cards
case studies
What is a case study,
How long does a case study take t...,
The key feature of the case study...
20  cards
Longitudinal and cross-sectional studies
What is a longitudinal study or d...,
What is a cross sectional study o...,
What is a snapshot study
14  cards
multi-method approach
Are most studies multi method wha...,
How was milgram 1963 multi method,
Schaffer and emerson conducted a ...
4  cards
Cross cultural studies
In cross cultural studies what ha...,
Why are cross cultural studies done,
Would you call a cross cultural s...
9  cards
Role play
In some investigations participan...,
What sort of observation is role ...,
What are the strengths of role play
6  cards
Brain scans
0  cards
Meta analysis
What is meta analysis,
How consistently are the ivs meas...,
How can a weight loss program dem...
8  cards
Primary and secondary data
The data collected in a meta anal...,
What is primary data,
The collection of primary data wo...
6  cards
Quantitative and qualitative methods
Data related to how people think ...,
The qualitative approach is idiog...,
A focus group is
9  cards
Inferential statistics
What does the abbreviation p stan...,
Inferential tests draw inferences...,
Data that are measured using unit...
23  cards
Reporting a research study
What are the typical sections tha...,
What is in an abstract,
What is in the introduction and a...
19  cards

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