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What is a Confederate?

Sometimes the IV in an experiment involves the use of a person. A Confederate is an individual in an experiment who are not real participants and have been instructed how to behave five experimenter


How would you conduct a pilot study

A pilot study is a small scale trial run of a research design before doing the real thing it is done in order to find out if certain things don't work so you can correct them before spending time on the real thing


What is the Stroop effect

not sure


What is a debrief

This involves telling a participant the true aims of the study giving them a chance to discuss any psychological harm they may have experienced a nasty participants feedback about the experiment


What is a confounding variable?

It is something that may influence the dependent variable


What is an independent groups design?

There are two groups of disciplines and the analysis involves comparing measures from two groups of


Name one advantage of doing a matched pairs designed

You can control some participant variables and order effects are not a problem


Letters ABBA in research design are used for what purpose

To counterbalance for order effects


What is a random sample

Names simply drawn from a hat example


What is the disadvantage of a repeated measures design?

There may be order effects


Name three measures of central tendency

Mode mean and median


Name two measures of dispersion

Range and standard deviation


What is standard deviation?

A measure of dispersion that shows the amount of variation in a set of schools it assesses the spread of data around the mean


What is a single blind design

A type of research design in which the participant is not aware of the research aims and/or which condition of the experiment they are receiving


What is the weakness of an independent group design?

There is no control of participant variables i.e. the different abilities or characteristics of each participant


How do you address the weakness of an independent group design?

You randomly allocate participants to conditions which theoretically distribute participant variables evenly and you recognise that you need twice as many participants


What is counterbalancing?

Counterbalancing ensures that each condition is tested first or second in equal amounts