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What is external validity

being able to generalise the findings from an experiment to situations beyond the experiment


Is a study that is low in internal validity also low in external validity



What is ecological validity?

When we can generalise to different places or settings


What is population validity?

When we can generalise two different people or populations


What is temporal validity?

When we can generalise two different times


How is external validity enhanced?

through replication


Milgram's experiment concerning delivering painful shocks in a lab were replicated – What did this show

That the initial conclusion was correct: situational factors affect obedience to unjust authority


What was the 'holfling at al' nurses in the real world study?

Nurses were telephoned by a Dr Smith and told to administer 20 mg of a drug - This Seriously convened hospital regulations Yet 95% complied


What was the defence Of the nurses in the 'holfling at al' real world study?

The nurses said they obeyed because that's what doctors expect nurses to do


In the rank and Jacobson's study in 1977 a similar study was conducted with nurses to the halfling et al study - again they were asked to carry out an irregular order.

89% refused