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What is raw data?

The data that are first produced a study and is unprocessed


What is the last thing you would usually do with raw data?

An organised table


What is a frequency table?

Where a researcher records raw data by counting the frequency of different items


When is a frequency table unsuitable

When the data from many items are repeated


What are the different types of graphs

Bar charts, histograms, line graphs, pie charts, scatter grams


What is a bar chart

A chart that represents the frequency of categories


In a bar chart the categories are usually place on which axis?



In a bar chart that the frequency is usually placed on which axis?



What is a histogram?

Bars are proportional to the frequency represented so the vertical axis starts at zero and there are no spaces between the bars


What is a line graph?

This has continuous data on the X axis and each.shows the middle top of where the bar would be. Each dot is connected by a line


What is a pie chart

They are used to represent frequency data or can be used to represent any proportion. Each slice of the pie represents the proportion or fraction of the total.


How is the size of each slice calculated in a pie chart?

By working out the proportion out of 360 (since there are 360° in a circle)


What is a scatter gram?

A kind of graph used when doing a correlational analysis


What Does the term data distribution mean?

when studying large datasets we can see an overall pattern of the data called a distribution


What is the curve 0f a normal distribution

The normal distribution is a classic bell-shaped curve


What are the three defining features of a normal distribution

The mean and median and mode are all in the exact midpoint,
the distribution is symmetrical around this midpoint and
the dispersion of scores or measurements either side of the midpoint is consistent and can be expressed in standard deviations


What is a skewed distribution?

When population scores are not distributed equally around the mean


What is a positive skewed distribution

Most of the scores in a frequency distribution are bunched to the left with a tail to the right


What is a negative skewed distribution

Most of the scores in a frequency distribution are bunched to the right with a tale to the left