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What are the top white grapes of South Africa?

  • Chenin Blanc (called Steen)
  • Muscat


Describe Paarl

  • Wine growing co-op dominates (KWV)
  • Medium-quality table wines
  • Fortified wines
  • Small wine estates - quality wine (Shiraz + Pinotage)


Describe Constantia

  • Home of Constantia - dessert wine made with Muscat


What are the top red grapes of South Africa?

  • Pinotage Shiraz
  • Cabernet Sauvignon


Describe South Africa's wine laws

  • Wine of Origen (WO) system:
    • Geographical Units
    • Regions
    • Districts
    • Wards


South Africa's wine history after phylloxera

  • Massive Co-ops to help sell the wine
  • Result: mass produced wine
  • Apartheid - legal racial segregation
  • Trade embargoes
  • 1990s fall of Apartheid
  • 1990s new wine laws
  • Wine industry reborn
    • Terrific value


Describe Stellenbosch

  • Center of the Coastal Region (most important region)
  • Pinotage developed here at university
  • Red wine region (Cabernet Sauv. and Cab. based Bordeaux blends + Pinotage)


Describe Chenin Blanc from South Africa

  • AKA Steen
  • 50% of white wine production
  • simple and dry


If a recognized wine region is listed on a bottle of S. African wine, then at least _____ of the grapes used to produce the wine must have been grown in that region.



If a wine from South Africa lists a grape variety on its label, then at least _____ of the grapes used to produce that wine must be the listed grape varietal.



Which wine made S. Africa famous?

  • late 1600s
  • Dutch colony
  • Muscat-based wine called Constantia
  • Napoleon and Frederik the Great loved it
  • Phylloxera ended this era in the late 1800s
  • Wine industry never the same


Describe the terroir of South Africa's wine regions

  • Fan out from Cape Town
  • Can grow wine b/c of elevation and ocean
  • Is where Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet


What are the top regions of South Africa?

  • Stellenbosch
  • Paarl
  • Constantia


Describe Pinotage from South Africa


  • Genetic Cross (Pinot Noir/CInsault)
  • PInot Noir that can live in hot climate
  • Light Body
  • Soft Tannins
  • Red Fruits
  • Is blended in Cape Blend (30%)