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What diseases are caused due to the high intake of salt?

High blood pressure
Coronary heart disease
Kidney damage


How do you reduce the salt intake?

Reduce salt added on tables and cooking
Use herbs instead of salt for seasoning
Avoid high salt foods
Eat fresh meat instead of processed meat
Read food labels to check for salt or sodium Monosodium glutamate is a type of salt


Name high salt foods?

Packet soups, packet sauces, ketchup, chicken stock, popcorn


How do you know when a food is a salt food or a low salt food?

A low salt food is 0.1g of sodium or less per 100g
A high salt food is 1.5g of sodium or more per 100g


What is coronory heart disease

Arteries of the the heart become blocked with the substance called cholesterol , cholesterol is a fatty substance the clings to walls of arteries it can be caused by history of heart disease in family, overweight, eating lots of saturated fats, lack of exercise, smoking, stress and alcohol


Problems associated with high fat diet

Obesity, coronary heart disease, other disease are made worse


Foods with high fat content

Lard, meat fat, margarine, biscuits, cakes, chocolate


Guidelines to reduce coronary heart disease

Use low fat spreads
Choose low fat dairy products
Grill, steam, bake or microwave foods instead of fry
Choose lean meat instead of fatty meat
Increase intake of fruit and vegetables