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Balanced diets

Contains the nutrients the body needs in the right proportions


The food groups bottom to top

Carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals, dairy, protein, fat


Diet for babies

Breastfeed, wean at four to six months
Avoid adding salt and sugar in foods
At eight months eat varied diet


Diet for young children

Adequate protein, calcium and energy
Healthy eating habits should develop & food fads discouraged
Frequent meals or snacks, no sugary or fatty foods
Beware food alerts


Diet for adolescents

High energy intakes for growth spurt
Enough calcium and iron are essential
Variety of foods and physical activity
Avoid foods high in fat, sugar and salt


Diet for adults

Requirements depend on gender and activity level
Eat a variety of foods, control intake of saturated fats, sugar and salt
High fibre intake, ensure high intake of iron and calcium or women
Alcohol intake to a minimum