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Name four types of raising agents

Air (Natural)
Baking powder (chemical raising agent)
Bread soda (chemical raising agent)
Yeast (biological raising agent)


How do raising agents work?

The O2 or CO2 is made in the dough
The heat in the oven causes gas to bubble
The bubbles push upwards so the dough rises
The crust on top of the dough stops it from rising any further


How do you get air in your dough or mixture

By sieving
Raising hands while rubbing in
Creaming and whisking


What is the word equation when you make form CO2 using baking powder?

Baking powder + milk/water/eggs


What is the word equation to form CO2 using Bread Soda

Bread soda + Buttermilk


What does bake blind mean?

To bake a pastry case without any filling


What are the advantages of commercial cake mixes?

Labour saving, quick and easy, useful in emergencies and give confidence to beginners


What are the disadvantages of commercial cake mix?

High in sugar and salt but low in fibre, photos on package could be misleading, expensive may contain additives


What is the fist you should do when you are baking?

Prepare tins, arrange oven shelves, preheat the oven 15 minutes before you start


What is the second thing you should do when you bake?

Ensure all ingredients are fresh


What are the causes of close or heavy texture?

Too much liquid in the mixture, too little raising agent, mixture overbeaten


What are the causes of the cracked top or peaked?

Oven too hot, tin too small, mixture too stiff or too wet, mixture overbeaten


What are the causes of a dry cake?

Overcooked, too little liquid, too much raising agent


How can you test to see if bread or scones are cooked?

It should sound hollow if you tap it at the bottom of it


How do you test to see of the cakes are cooked?

You put a skewer in the cake, if the mixture is wet and on the stick it is not ready


How do test to see if sponges are cooked properly?

It shrinks from the sides but of you tap it it should spring back


What is the third thing you do before you bake?

Measure ingredients accurately according to recipe


What is the fourth thing you should do when you bake?

Follow the recipe carefully step by step


What is the fidth thing you should do when you bake?

When mixing dry ingredients with liquids be careful and ensure it's the right consistency


What is the sixth thing you should do when baking?

If dealing with bread, pastry or scone dough knead carefully and avoid overhandling


What is the secenth thing you should do when baking?

Time carefully and don't open the oven when it's baoking


What is the eigth thing you should when baking?

If you have used the method check to see if it's ready


What is the last thing you should when baking?

Cool on a wire tray


What are the causes of cake sinks?

Too much raising, too much sugar, undercooked, disturbed during cooking