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Freezing preserves food because it

Reduces the temperature that micro-organismsm can't survive
No moisture since the water turned to ice


Quick freezing

Forms small crystals and remains firm once thawed


Slow freezing

Forms large crystals, becomes soft and loses nutrients when thawed


Blast freezing

Carried out commercially at -30*C it doesn't damage the cell wall


Guidelines to freezing

Choose good quality fresh food
Chill before freezing it
Use the fast freeze section of the freezer
Open freeze so it won't stick together


Freezing vegetables

Prepre vegetables as for cooking
Blanch/boil (peas-1 min)
Chill the vegeatbles in iced water
Open freeze
Pack in freezerbags remove the air


Guidelines to buying food frozen

Temp of the shops freezers should be -18*C
Buy from a reliable source
Should be frozen solid
Check the expiry date


Guidelines to thawing frozen food

Follow instructions carefully
Thaw overnight especially for meat and poultry
Only defrost food in microwave when you will use immediately
Don't refreeze thawed food


Advantages of frozen food

Food can be bought in bulk which saves money
Food is available out of season
Freezing retains colour, flavour and texture
Freezing home grown produce saves money