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What causes accidents?

People, buildings and objects


How can you prevent accidents with electricity?

Never mix water with electricity, look for saftey symbols, never overload sockets, don't electricals in the bathroom


How do you go through a fire drill?

Keep calm, make sure everyone escape the house in its quickest routes, close doors on the way out, don't collect valuables, call the fire brigade and don't re-enter your house


In order to prevent a fire accident

Keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket nearby
Never smoke in bed
Install a smoke alarm and check regularly
Use a fire guard around open fire


In order to prevent an accident in falls

Pick small objects or toys on the floor
Wipe up spills immediately
Install hand grips on showers and baths for the elderly
Ensure stairs are well lit


Prevent accidents with children

Fit window locks and stair gates
Keep bags medicines of dangerous chemicals away from children
Don't leave pans or hot drinks on the edges of tables or stoves
Ensure babies are strapped securely on chairs and buggies