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Who was Tecumseh?

- a Shawnee chief
-built a confederacy among power NA in the NW
-had a brother named "the Prophet"
-urged the NA to return to their roots


who was William Henry Harrison?

-governor of the Indiana territory
-was alarmed by the growing power of the brothers
-warned Tecumseh about America
-Tecumseh replied Americans were the ones who threatened peace


what was the battle of tippecanoe?

-tecumseh traveled south
-harrison attacked prophetstown on the tippecanoe river
-native forces fled
-america won
-tecumseh joined the british


what are War Hawks?

-madison facing demands for war
-most pressure came from young republicans
-henry clay and john calhoun - leaders, wanted to move out west


What did the War Hawks want?

-more land
-loyalty to country


Who opposed the War Hawks?

the federalists


did the things the War Hawks wanted appeal to many people?

yes, excepts the Federalists


What happened in 1812 when Madison knew we were going to war with Britain?

-congress declared war
-Britain removed it's trading policy
-the news arrived too late, war had already begun


What happened in the War of 1812?

-america wasn't quite ready for war (underestimated Britain & NA)
-first attempt to invade Canada - were defeated 2 times
-General Harrison believed that taking Lake Erie was the key


Which General captured Lake Erie?

General Perry captured Lake Erie 9/10/1813


When was the Battle of Thames?



What was the Battle of Horseshoe Bend?

-when Tecumseh died, progress died
-In March 1814, Andrew Jackson attacked a NA group- the Creeks
-550 slaughtered
-forced them off the land


The British attacked in August 1814. What happened?

-Britain ended their war with France - focus
-they sailed into Chesapeake Bay and marched on Washington DC
-Madison was off commanding troops but First Lady Dolly Madison remained


After British attacked Washington DC, where did they go?

They went to Baltimore
-people were ready
-artillery fire from Ft McHenry in the harbor stopped the British
-Francis Scott Key-watched it and wrote the Star Spangled Banner


What is Plattsburgh?

-British led 10,000 troops from Canada to capture a city on the shore of Lake Champlain
-American naval force stopped the invasion
-British retreated
-Britain - American too costly


What is the Treaty of Ghent?

-treaty that ended the war & things went back to the way they were
-no new land
-impressment not addressed
-before word of treaty, Jackson fought British at New Orleans & won
-Jackson became a national hero


What happened with the Federalists after the war ended?

-they met and devised a list of improvements
-when they presented them it was declared unpatriotic
-lost all support
-War Hawks took over the Republicans


What do you know about the War Hawks + New Republican party?

-strong central government
-western expansion
-strong army & navy
-develop economy