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A sign of a bacterial infection is the presence of:
a. lesions
b. tissue
c. pus
d. blood

c. pus


The nervous system as a whole is divided into how many main subdivisions?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 6

b. 3


The lifting of the nail plate from the bed without shedding is a sign of:
a. onychomadesis
b. nail psoriasis
c. eggshell nails
d. onycholysis

d. onycholysis


The physical foundation of the body consisting of bones connected by joints is the:
a. nervous system
b. skeletal system
c. muscular system
d. endocrine system

b. skeletal system


The bones in the fingers or digits are called:
a. phalanges
b. metacarpus
c. scapula
d. carpus

a. phalanges


The deeper the layer of the dermis that supplies the skin with oxygen and nutrients is the:
a. papillary layer
b. subcutaneous layer
c. reticular layer
d. basal layer

c. reticular layer


Invasion of body tissues by disease-causing pathogenic bacteria can result in a(n):
a. infection
b. antitoxin
c. abrasion
d. inflammation

a. infection


Muscles that are attached to bones and are voluntary or consciously controlled are:
a. nonstriated muscles
b. striated muscles
c. cardiac muscles
d. insertion muscles

b. striated muscles


The nervous system that controls the voluntary functions of the five senses is the:
a. peripheral
b. autonomic
c. central
d. voluntary

c. central


If an exposure incident should occur discard all disposable contaminated objects in a:
a. trash bag
b. contaminated waste container
c. paper towel
d. trash can

b. contaminated waste container


The word integument means:
a. skin
b. hormone
c. natural covering
d. gland

c. natural covering


The epidermis layer of the skin is also known as the:
a. papillary layer
b. cuticle layer
c. subcutaneous layer
d. dermis layer

b. cuticle layer


The inner and larger bone of the forearm, attached at the wrist and located on the side of the little finger, is called:
a. humerus
b. carpus
c. ulna
d. radius

c. ulna


Which of the following scalp disorders is characterized by dry, sulfur-yellow, cup-like crusts on the scalp?
a. tinea capitis
b. pediculosis furuncle
c. tinea favosa
d. tinea barbae

c. tinea favosa


The tiny grains of pigment deposited in cells that provide skin with its color are:
a. protein
b. keratin
c. melanin
d. collagen

c. melanin


An abnormal cell mass that varies in size, color and shape is a:
a. tumor
b. pustule
c. scale
d. tubercle

a. tumor


A noncontagious skin disease characterized by red patches covered with silver-white scales found on the scalp is:
a. herpes
b. macula
c. papules
d. psoriasis

d. psoriasis


The hand position that is used most often when cutting uniform or increasing layers us:
a. palm-to-palm
b. undercutting
c. over fingers
d. below fingers

c. over fingers


A hair follicle filled with keratin and sebum forms a:
a. comdeo
b. cicatrix
c. bulla
d. nodule

a. comdeo


The most visible and functional part of the nail unit is the:
a. nail bed
b. nail plate
c. nail grooves
d. nail mantle

b. nail plate


The nail plate is constructed of many layers of nail cells?
a. 50
b. 75
c. 80
d. 100

d. 100


Elements differ from one another because of the difference in the structure of their:
a. atoms
b. deionized elements
c. occupying elements
d. elemental molecules

a. atoms


The slightly thickened layer of skin that lies between the fingertip and the free edge of the natural nail plate is the:
a. eponychium
b. mantle
c. hyponychium
d. matrix

c. hyponychium


A nail condition in which blood clots from under the nail plate due to a small injury of the nail plate is:
a. bruised nails
b. blue nails
c. abnormal nails
d. bruised onychia

a. bruised nails


Prior to a full-color application to a wig or hairpiece, it is recommended to perform a(n):
a. elasticity test
b. strand test
c. allergy test
d. porosity test

b. strand test


Nails with a noticeable thin, white nail plate that more flexible that normal nails are:
a. ingrown nails
b. bitten nails
c. leukonychia nails
d. eggshell nails

d. eggshell nails


In the early stages, a typical bacterial infection on the nail plate can be identified as a:
a. yellow-green spot
b. blue spot
c. brown-black spot
d. white-yellow sopt

a. yellow-green spot


Any deformity or disease of the nail in general is called:
a. onyx
b. onychia
c. onychosis
d. onychophosis

c. onychosis


Permanent waving and hair relaxers change the shape of hair by chemically altering the hair's:
a. hydrogen bonds
b. ionic bonds
c. disulfide bonds
d. amino acids

c. disulfide bonds


Hydroxide chemical relaxers break disulfide bonds and convert them to:
a. lanthionine bonds
b. sulfur bonds
c. carbon bonds
d. hydrogen bonds

a. lanthionine bonds


The phase of metabolism that involves the breaking down of complex compounds within cells into smaller ones is:
a. catabolism
b. anabolism
c. cell division
d. mitosis

a. catabolism


The condition of abnormal hair growth of terminal hair is referred to as:
a. monilethrix
b. ringed hair
c. hypertrichosis
d. trichoptilosis

c. hypertrichosis


Hairpieces that have openings at the base through which the client's hair is blended are:
a. wiglets
b. switches
c. integration
d. cascade

c. integration


The ability of the hair to absorb moisture is:
a. porosity
b. elasticity
c. density
d. saturation

a. porosity


The medical term used to describe dandruff is:
a. alopecia
b. selenium
c. pityriasis
d. pyrithione

c. pityriasis


Current research confirms that dandruff is the result of a fungus called:
a. pyrithione
b. steatoides
c. capitis
d. malassezia

d. malassezia


Tinea is characterized by itching scales and sometimes painful circular lesions and is caused by:
a. seborrheic dermatitis
b. parasites
c. subcutaneous tissue
d. fungal organisms

d. fungal organisms


The thickness or diameter of the individual hair strand is referred to as hair:
a. dryness
b. texture
c. elasticity
d. porosity

b. texture


The dead, colorless tissue attached to the natural nail plate is the:
a. ligament
b. eponychium
c. cuticle
d. lunula

c. cuticle


Which of the following is NOT one of the five basic elements of 3-D hair design?
a. form
b. line
c. space
d. creativity

d. creativity


Contrasting lines are horizontal and vertical lines that create a hard edge and form a:
a. 45- degree angle
b. 90-degree angle
c. curved angle
d. 30-degree angle

b. 90-degree angle


When using hear on human hair wigs, the temperature setting on the styling tool should be:
a. low
b. high
c. fast
d. strong

a. low


Dark brown patches on the skin that may appear uneven in texture, jagged or raised may be a warning sign of:
a. malignant melanoma
b. malignant rosacea
c. keratoma
d. leukoderma

a. malignant melanoma


The area surrounding the form or the area the hairstyle occupies is:
a. texture
b. line
c. silhouette
d. space

d. space


A severe type of dandruff characterized by an accumulation of greasy or waxy scalp scales mixed with sebum is:
a. pityriasis capitis
b. tinea favosa
c. pityriasis papules
d. pityriasis steatoides

d. pityriasis steatoides


A client's facial shape is determined by the position and prominence of the:
a. head shape
b. chin line
c. profile
d. facial bones

d. facial bones


Shampooing encompasses 3 different processes, including all of the following EXCEPT:
a. conditioning
b. massage
c. profile
d. blowdrying

d. blowdrying


A substance that is a particularly good conductor of electricity is:
a. rubber
b. silk
c. glass
d. copper

d. copper


Brushes with bristles that have tiny overlapping layers or scales, which clean and add luster to the hair are:
a. natural
b. nylon
c. rounded
d. synthetic

a. natural


Thinning hair using a sliding movement with the blades of the shear partially opened to reduce volume and create movement is:
a. slithering
b. slicing
c. notching
d. beveling

a. slithering


The process of removing excess bulk without shortening hair length is:
a. beveling
b. tapering
c. stacking
d. texturizing

d. texturizing


During the shampoo pricedure, apply small quantities of shampoo to the hair befinning at the:
a. crown area
b. nape area
c. hairline
d. ear area

c. hairline


The movement or amount of mobility of a curl is determined by the:
a. base
b. circle
c. stem
d. size

c. stem


Achieving balance within a design can be accomplished by understanding the head shape and:
a. head points
b. reference points
c. four corners
d. technique points

b. reference points


A disease caused by a bloodborne virus that causes liver damage is:
a. hepatitis
b. tuberculosis
c. pneumonia
d. blood poisoning

a. hepatitis


The amount of movement in the hair strand is referred to as the:
a. wave pattern
b. texture
c. thickness
d. density

a. wave pattern


The lines used to remove weight to create graduated or layered haircuts are:
a. diagonal
b. vertical
c. horizontal
d. beveled

b. vertical


An imported wool fiber available in black or brown with a matte finish that is used in hair extensions is:
a. lin
b. yak
c. rayon
d. linen

a. lin


The technique that allows you to cut the hair very close to the scalp, creating a flat top or square shape, is:
a. comb-over-scissor
b. clipper-over-comb
c. notching shear-over-comb
d. clipper-under-comb

b. clipper-over-comb


The line dividing hair at the scalp, separating one section from another creating subsections is a(n):
a. tension
b. elevation
c. parting
d. angle

c. parting


The hair type that requires less elevation and should be left a bit longer because of shrinkage when it fries is:
a. coarse hair
b. dry hair
c. straight hair
d. curly hair

d. curly hair


Brushes with widely spaced protective pins used on human hair extensions or to gently remove tangle from wet wavy or dry curly hair are:
a. square brushes
b. double-tooth
c. vent brushes
d. tail brushes

c. vent brushes


An excellent comb for design parting and opening and removing braids is a:
a. finishing comb
b. wide-tooth-comb
c. pressing comb
d. tail comb

d. tail comb


A basic haircut where the hair is cut at a 180-degree angle, is the:
a. graduated cut
b. blunt cut
c. angled cut
d. long-layered cut

d. long-layered cut


All of the following are appendages of the skin EXCEPT:
a. pineal gland
b. nails
c. sebaceous glands
d. hair

a. pineal gland


Water is the most abundant and important element on Earth is classified as a(n):
a. complete solvent
b. natural solvent
c. universal solvent
d. acidic solvent

c. universal solvent


During the consultation the stylist must pay special attention to the client's hair:
a. style
b. length
c. texture
d. color

c. texture


Combs that are used for the thermal curling should be made of:
a. plastic
b. nylon blends
c. soft metal
d. hard rubber

d. hard rubber


The correct temperature setting of the iron for thermal curling is determined by the:
a. texture of the hair
b. length of hair
c. type of iron used
d. size of iron used

a. texture of the hair


The terms sing braids, box braids, or individual braids all refer to:
a. underhand braids
b. inverted braids
c. extension braids
d. free-hanging braids

d. free-hanging braids


A board of fine upright nails that is used to comb or detangle human hair extensions or to blend colors is a:
a. drawing board
b. hackle
c. leather board
d. extension

b. hackle


Large diameter pin curls that are similar to a roller but do have the same amount of tension are:
a. straight curls
b. rectangular curls
c. open curls
d. barrel curls

d. barrel curls


The tree-strand braid produced by overlapping the strands of hair on top of each other is the:
a. box braid
b. fishtail
c. inverted
d. visible

c. inverted


Wax applied to an area should be removed using:
a. fingers
b. paper strips
c. fabric strips
d. wooden applicators

c. fabric strips


The relaxing massage movement that should be perfected, varied and expertly used during the manicure is:
a. tapotement
b. friction
c. effleurage
d. petrissage

c. effleurage


Most human hair used commercially comes from:
a. Europe
b. Latin America
c. India & Asia
d. Canada

c. India & Asia


Hanging curls that are suitable for medium to long hairstyles are:
a. barrel curls
b. roll curls
c. spiral curls
d. flat curls

c. spiral curls


The blow-dryer attachment that stretches and softens textured hair and loosens the curl pattern is a:
a. concentrator
b. butterfly clip
c. pick nozzle
d. diffuser

c. pick nozzle


The two methods of wrapping the hair around a perm rod are:
a. flat and spiral
b. croquignole and even
c. spiral and perpendicular
d. croquignole and spiral

d. croquignole and spiral


Hair that is arranged so that the cuticles of all hair strands slope in the same direction is:
a. processed hair
b. fallen hair
c. resistant hair
d. turned hair

d. turned hair


Nikolas Tesla is credited with discovering:
a. high-frequency current
b. microcurrent
c. electrotherapy
d. alternating current

a. high-frequency current


The technique used to apply nail tips is:
a. rock, slide and hold
b. stop, rock and hold
c. stop, hold and remove
d. stop, slide and press

b. stop, rock and hold


In the braid-and-sew method of hair extensions, the angle of the track determines:
a. how the hair will fall
b. the amount of hair
c. the size of extension
d. the length of extension

a. how the hair will fall


The method of attaching extensions to a client's own hair with a bonding material and heat from a special tool is:
a. fusion bonding
b. locking
c. sewing
d. switch bonding

a. fusion bonding


In permanent waving, the shape and type of curl ware determined by the shape and type of rod and the:
a. long rods
b. hair length
c. sectioning
d. wrapping method

d. wrapping method


Which of the following is shaped like a two-sided nail file, long and narrow, with one or two additional grit abrasives and a final shine surface?
a. two-way buffer
b. chamois buffer
c. terry cloth
d. gauze

a. two-way buffer


Caution should be used with on-base rod placement to avoid additional:
a. sectioning of hair
b. stress and tension on hair
c. increased volume
d. curl patterns

b. stress and tension on hair


Bacteria generally consist of an outer cell wall containing a liquid called:
a. spore-forming
b. cilia
c. protoplasm
d. photosynthesis

c. protoplasm


The active ingredient in all hydroxide relaxers is the:
a. hydrogen ion
b. keratin ion
c. peroxide ion
d. lithium ion

a. hydrogen ion


Relaxers are often marketed and sold as no-mix no-lye relaxers are:
a. potassium hydroxide relaxers
b. sodium hydroxide relaxers
c, ammonium thio relaxers
d. guanidine hydroxide relaxers

d. guanidine hydroxide relaxers


The difference in the strength of most chemical hair relaxers is determined by the concentration of:
a. lanthionization
b. hydroxide
c. ammonia
d. coatings

b. hydroxide


Primary and secondary colors that are positioned opposite each other on the color wheel are:
a. complementary colors
b. contrasting colors
c. permanent colors
d. tertiary colors

a. complementary colors


Liquid and cream forms of foundation are a mixture of water and oil with coloring agents called:
a. melanocytes
b. perscriptives
c. pigments
d. alkaloids

c. pigments


The technique of coloring stands of hair darker than the natural color is:
a. lowlighting
b. accelerating
c. highlighting
d. balayage

a. lowlighting


Change in the form of a substance that does not cause a chemical reaction is a(n):
a. anion change
b. chemical change
c. matter change
d. physical change

d. physical change


A combination of a thio relaxer and a thio permanent wrapped on large rods is a:
a. permanent wave
b. soft curl permanent
c. full curl permanent
d. relaxer retouch

b. soft curl permanent


The melanin that gives black and brown color to hair is:
a. primary
b. eumelanin
c. pigment
d. pheomelanin

b. eumelanin


The process that lightens hair and deposits color in one application is a:
a. deposit-only color
b. semipermanent color
c. single-process hair coloring
d. double-process hair coloring

c. single-process hair coloring


The darkest hair colors in the level system are identified as being a level:
a. 1
b. 3
c. 6
d. 10

a. 1


Toenail clippers that are the most effective should have jaws with a:
a. blunt point
b. fine point
c. curved point
d. dull point

b. fine point