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What Happens in Tonic Clonic?

Muscle rigidity(tonic phase) followed by synchronous muscle jerks (clonic phase)

Lasts 90 secs or less

Impairement of consciousness, then CNS depression

Urination, but not defecation

Loud cry before convulsions


What Happens in Absence (Petit Mal)?

Mild, symmetric motor activity

Loss of consciousness for 10-30 seconds

Children, ceases in early teens

Hundreds of seizures may happen in a day


What Happens Atonic?

Sudden loss of muscle tone

Mainly in children

Neck seizure = “head drop”

limbs and trunk = “drop attack”


What Happens Myoclonic?

Muscle Contraction for 1 sec

Focal Myoclonus= one limb

Massive Myoclonus=Entire body


What Happens Status Epileptics?

Seizure for 15 -30 min or longer
series of recurrent seizures with no consciousness

Generalized convulsive SE =life threatening),

Also absence SE, and myoclonic SE


What Happens Febrile?

Fever seizure

Generalized tonic-clonic convulsions of short duration

Ages 6 months to 5 years

Children who experience these seizures are not at high risk for developing epilepsy later in life.


Which drug appears effective against ALL forms of epilepsy?

Valproic Acid