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The Metro Rail Red Line is ___ miles in length, including the yards and shops maintenance area



Metro rail red line:
The train configuration is set up with a minimum ____ car combination and up to ____ cars maximum.

•2 min and 6 max


Metro rail red line:
The train operator's cab is in the ____ ("A" or "B"?) car



Metro rail red line:
How long is each train car?



Metro rail red line:
How wide is each train car?

10 ft


Metro rail red line:
What is the height of each train car?

12 ft


Metro rail red line:
How much does each train car weigh?

80,000 lbs


Metro rail red line:
The trains are propelled by four traction motors per car, operated from ___ Volts Direct current (VDC)



Metro rail red line:
Batteries provide power for the auxiliary systems such as the train controls, doors, interior lights, and air conditioning system. The batteries are located under the ___ (A/B?) car and provide ____ volts.




Metro rail red line:
The trains "disconnect switch" for the auxiliary power is located inside of the battery compartment in car ____ (A/B?)



Metro rail red line:
Which part of the rail tracks provides the train with electrical power?

The 3rd rail


Metro rail red line:
How many double sliding doors are on each side of a dependent pair of cars?



Metro rail red line:
To gain access to a train from the outside, pull the External Emergency Door Handle near the center doors of the car, WAIT 5 seconds and then manually separate the doors. The handle will release which doors to be opened?

The center doors only


Metro rail red line:
Each car is equipped with how many extinguishers?

What is the extinguisher rating?

Two 10A/60BC extinguishers

One is located in the operators cab, and the other is located between the transverse arrangements in the passenger seats.


Metro rail red line:
The _____ Level is the first level below ground, which is the public access level to the tunnel

Mezzanine level


Metro rail red line:
The ____ level contains the different control rooms for the station functions such as the Train Communication and Control Room (TC&C), mechanical room, Department of Water and Power power station, and fan room. This level is not for public access.

Ancillary level


Metro rail red line:
The ____ room on the ancillary level will contain vital monitoring equipment such as the fire alarm panel, methane detector, and communication equipment (reset of fire alarms are done in this room).

Train Communication and Control room TC&C


Metro rail red line:
The DWP's power station room is energized with _____ volts and should not be entered by Fire Department personnel.



Metro rail red line:
For initial Fire Department operations, the most important area is the ____

Emergency Management Panel


Metro rail red line:
The EMP is located on the wall in the _____ Level, and is directly adjacent to the Fire Department's lock box containing keys to the EMP and all station sites

Mezzanine level


Metro rail red line:
At the EMP, the accuracy of alarm information may be verified by contacting who? (The phone number is normally posted inside the EMP)

Rail Operations Center (ROC)

They SHALL be contacted prior to changing the functions of any system


Metro rail red line:
The ____ Level is the area where passengers enter and exit trains. Passengers can access this level by elevator, escalator, or stairs.

Platform level


Metro rail red line:
What level in the metro red line station will have the Emergency Trip Station (ETS), emergency equipment room, and access to the tunnels?

Platform level


Metro rail red line:
There will be an Emergency Trip Station at each end of the station for each track. What is used to indicate these trip stations?

Blue Light Stations (BLS) on the wall


Metro rail red line:
What color Exits signs will not exit to street level?



Metro rail red line:
What color exit signs indicate street level access and may exit out to an emergency escape hatch?



Metro rail red line:
Emergency escape hatches have panic hardware on the inside and an access door on the outside, which may be opened with what tool?

Hydrant wrench


Metro rail red line:
Cross passages are staggered at approximately ____ foot intervals and will include a Blue Light Station. In addition to an ETS in cross passages, a 2-1/2 inch Fire Department Connection (FDC) is
also provided.

750 ft


Metro rail red line:
Hose cabinets are throughout the mezzanine level, ancillary area, and platform level. What do the hose cabinets contain?

•1-1/2 inch wet standpipe
•2-1/2 inch FD outlet


Metro rail red line:
A ____ sprinkler system, designed for train undercarriage protection, is located at track level in the station only. This is activated from the ETS/Biue Light Station at the ends of the station platform.The shut off is located in the valve room.



Metro rail red line:
There are 2-1/2 inch outlets located approximately every ___ feet in the tunnel and cross passages.



Metro rail red line:
The emergency fans are powered by 200 horsepower electric motors and produce approximately ____ cfm.



Metro rail red line:
Fire incidents: The 1st Task Force is responsible for what?

Engine: FA (Incident tunnel)

Truck: Lobby at Emergency Management Panel (EMP)


Metro rail red line:
Fire incidents: The 2nd Task Force is responsible for what?

Truck: Tunnel division (non-incident tunnel)

Engine: station division (Platform Level) (Movement of equipment, personnel, evacuees, power at ETS)


Metro rail red line:
Fire incidents: The 3rd Task Force is responsible for what?

Go to station opposite incident

Truck: Station division/lobby at EMP (Control train movement from this station)
Engine: Fire Attack, proceed to incident


What is the max speed of the metro red line train?

70 mph


Each red line train can accommodate a total of _____ passengers in a standing "crush load"



On new EMP:

The zone alarm screen provides an indication of location and type of alarm. Six types of indications are: Fire Detection (RED), Fire Suppression (PINK), Intrusion (BLUE), Gas Monitoring (GREEN);
Facilities (BLACK) and FireNalve Tampers (ORANGE)

Highlight only


Each Emergency Trip Station contains what five things?

• Emergency Telephone (ETEL) to communicate with the ROC or the EMP.
• Fire Department telephone (FTEL)
• Diagram as to what section of track will be affected by the trip switch
• Deluge sprinkler control switch to activate sprinklers under the trains (in the stations)
• Trip switch to disconnect power to a segment of the third rail


The third rail carries _____ volts and can be on either side of the track

750 volts

*Prior to pushing the trip switch to disconnect the 3rd rail, make sure the entire length of the train is in the station. If one collector shoe is in contact with a live section of the third rail the entire train is still energized


The emergency equipment room is located on one end of the platform in each station and has what two pieces of equipment for rail incidents?

-Collapsible equipment cart for the Fire Department's use

-two third-rail grounding straps (not recommended for LAFD use)


After placement of a grounding strap by MTA, personnel, or the
disconnection of power by trip switch use, consideration should be given to checking third rail power with a _____.

Department issued voltmeter


The tunnels are designated "AL" or "AR" (L for Left and R for Right) when looking at the tunnels from Union Station (Union station at your back). The only variance to this designation is the tunnel segment from Wilshire/Vermont to Wilshire/Western, where the tunnels are identified how?

BL and BR


Fire Protection/Water systems:

The metro rail red line stations have a _____ standpipe system supplied by at least two 8 inch mains and will have two Fire Department Connections per station.



The emergency fans used in the ventilation system are remotely controlled from the ROC, and are computer programmed for various scenarios. If needed, can LAFD manually control the fans from the EMP?



Fire incidents:

What is the SOG for a single company that is first on scene?

Four members to lobby, physical rescue/EMS


If there is no MTA supervisor to provide entry, what two ways can be used to gain entry to a metro rail station after normal hours of operation?

Through contact with MFC who will contact ROC to remotely open the gates

Emergency escape hatch


The current MTA policy is to _____ (leave on or shut down?) the entire ventilation system in the event of a Hazmat release, until told otherwise by the LAFD

Shut down


The tunnel from Hollywood/Highland Station to Universal City Station is 3.1 miles long. There is an electrical sub-station (34,500 volts) mid-way between the stations, and there are no blast relief shafts or emergency exits from this section of the tunnel.

-If there is a smoke detector activation or incident in this part of the tunnel The investigating company will ride the access train, which will stop _____ cross passages short of the smoke detector activation and walk the rest do the way.



Metro Rail Inventory Systems Manuals:

Each segment is broken down by Metro Rail Station, and includes what information?

• Station Information (Locating alarm information, special features, hazards, ventilation, emergency exits, elevators)
• Station Aerial Map
• Station Street Level
• Station Mezzanine and Platforms
• Station Ancillary Level

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