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A F-80 is required when ordering how many cadastral hydrant maps? (Non mounted)

7 or more


As shop towels (Red Rags) become soiled, they shall be tied in bundles of ____, tagged with DUPLICATE F-175 tags, and forwarded to Battalion Headquarters or designated station for pickup by the city vender that comes once a week.



If less than 7 cadastral hydrant map pages are requested, how are they ordered?



How are "1st in" maps are ordered?

Through requisition (f-80)


If a problem is found with the mini-radiac, who shall the station commander notify?

Division hazmat squad


Each battalion office has a cache of how many mini-radiacs?



If a reported mini-radiac problem cannot be fixed by the hazmat squad, how shall you exchange the mini-radiac?

F-175 tag and exchange one for one with battalion office


How many Mark I auto-injectors are provided for each position?



Replacement of expired, damaged, or discharged Auto-Injectors shall be requested through who?

EMS Captain on a one for one basis


Who is responsible for issuing all new and replacement lock-box keys?



What is the procedure for any active member who loses a badge?

F-225 lost badge report to Personnel Services with an attached copy of a police report (Use the law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction where the loss occurred)

The Personnel Services will notify the member if their respective Bureau determined that the loss was due to the members’ negligence and a replacement fee will be quoted


Temporary issue of inventory items (loan slips) by the storeroom are limited to how many days?

30 days but can be extended


Lost or stolen inventory items will be replaced after forwarding a requisition through channels to who?

What else must be included whenever someone loses an inventory item?

1. Bureau Commander

2. F-225


When an inventory item with a value of $____ or more is lost or stolen, a report shall be filed at the Police Department of the jurisdiction where the loss occurred, and the Police report number shall be included in the F-225



Members may be reimbursed from the petty cash fund for expedited purchases made with their own money, provided such expenditures do not exceed $_____ for any one item exclusive of sales tax



Each fire station shall provide storage facilities for bulk oil delivered by S&M for a minimum supply of ___ months.



2-cycle oil is distributed in ___ oz. containers

2.6 oz


What is the maximum number of 16 cu. ft. “D” o2 cylinders that a truck (light force) can be assigned?



The type of equipment and the quantity carried may vary due to location and the apparatus involved. The concerned ________ Commander will be the deciding authority for equipment requisitioned by companies under their command.



When a reserve apparatus is assigned in relief, who is responsible for checking the inventory list in the Apparatus Logbook at the new location of the apparatus?

If something is missing, who do you report your findings to?

1. Company Commander

2. Battalion Commander


Who shall establish and maintain a list of inventory items for an apparatus, and use it in the daily apparatus check?

Station Commanders


Waste oil will be picked up on an as-needed basis. Station Commanders shall call who to schedule a pick up?

Storeroom counter


How many soiled bedspreads shall be bundled together when sending them in for exchange?



Rehab/Air Utility apparatus are placarded _____. Do they carry shipping papers?

"Non-flammable gas"

Yes they carry papers


45 min air cylinders weighs approx ____ pounds

60 min air cylinders weighs approx ____ pounds




The "D" type oxygen cylinder weighs approx ___ pounds

The 40–cubic feet oxygen cylinder weighs approx ____ pounds




For REVISION of an existing panel or roller map, forward the panel or roller and a _____ requesting revision to who?

Requisition to GIS Maps and graphics

If a "new" mounted panel or roller map is needed, only a requisition is needed


Repair and maintenance of fire station:

During regular Department business hours (0700-1615), emergency repairs shall be reported directly to ____. Who shall be contacted for after hour emergency repairs?

Fire facilities Coordinator

Dept of general services


Repair and maintenance of fire station:

For non-emergency station repairs who do you contact?

Building administration section Code-A-phone


What form is used for requesting non-emergency repairs/service to a fire facility when time is not a factor?

Form General 113 Repairs


Keys for fire road locks shall be requested on an F-____ and forwarded where?

F-225 to FS 88


Members desiring to be issued a “personal” lock-box key shall submit an F-____, which includes justification, through channels to who?

F-225 to S&M division

When a personal key is issued a journal entry and an entry on page 11 of the member’s personal record book shall be made listing the key number and date of issuance.


Newly promoted members should report to Personnel Services Section between ____ to ____ hours and ____ to _____ hours in order to take a picture and receive their new City I.D. card, which will reflect their new promotional rank

0800 to 1000 and 1300 to 1500hrs


Members that detect a problem with the radio system or have a radio coverage problem shall report these problems to _____

Radio monitor


Members may obtain reimbursement from the petty cash fund by submitting an invoice (receipt) from the vendor and form ______ to the Petty Cash Custodian



Vol 4:

Station Commanders shall order fuel by calling Supply and Maintenance Purchasing prior to ____ hours Monday through Friday.



Presto-Lite acetylene cylinders may be exchanged at ______ An empty cylinder is required in exchange for a full cylinder.

Supply and maintenance store room


Flagpole halyards and/or windsocks are to be requested using the _____ and generating a repair/service request on the _____ system.




______ shall order and maintain a supply of high-rise lock box locks for distribution to Companies as needed.

Battalion offices


Keys for the high-rise lock box locks _____ (are or are not?) an inventory item for each apparatus



What is the procedure for any active member who loses their name tag, insignia, belt buckle or tie bar?

F-225 to personnel services

Members immediate chief officer shall add a statement determining whether loss was due to negligence


What's the process to replace a damaged identification card?

Concerned member shall appear in the Personnel Services Section during the hours of 0800 to 1000 hours and 1300 to 1500 hours to complete the replacement process.

Members can only complete the replacement process if they bring their damaged identification with them.


What is the process for a lost identification card?

F-225 requesting replacement ID to Personnel Services with an attached copy of a police report (Use the law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction where the loss occurred)

Members immediate chief officer shall add a statement regarding the loss


Handheld radios in need of repair shall be reported to who?

Information Technology agency (ITA)


What information needs to be provided to the MFC floor captain when a handheld radio is taken out of service and replaced with a different radio?

-ID number of radio taken out of service
-Company and position to which radio was assigned
-ID number of radio being placed into service.
-Company and position which radio is to be assigned.

(A test of the emergency trigger SHALL be conducted prior to placing a new radio in service)


Problems with: Administrative teletype, Chimes, Dispatch teletype, Doorbells, Fire Phone, Night lights (except bulb replacement), Public address system in quarters and Tone signals shall be reported to who?

Tech control


When paramedic electronic equipment is in need of repair or servicing, the resource and the paramedic electronic equipment shall be taken where?
The member(s) shall remain there until repair or exchange of the electronic equipment is completed.

Piper tech/ radio shop

Note: In every instance before taking a Paramedic Resource out of service for equipment repairs, the responsible officers and/or ambulance personnel shall contact MFC and be guided by their instructions

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