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All members shall notify their commanding officers within ___ hours of any change of residential address or telephone number

24 hrs


When two or more members subordinate in rank to Captain find themselves in a position which requires initiative action, accept the command of the ____ member, who shall assume such command until relieved by an officer or acting officer.



Members shall promptly report any violation of the policies, Rules and
Regulations, practices and procedures of the Department to their immediate supervisor within ____hours after occurrence of the alleged violation, except as provided for in the Department’s Sexual Harassment and Complaint Procedure.

24 hrs


Members shall neither solicit nor receive any monetary contribution from any other member, while on duty, without the purpose of such solicitation or contribution being first approved in writing by _____

The board of fire commissioners


Prior to engaging in outside employment or activity for compensation,
members shall certify as to the nature of such involvement and receive written approval of ______ or that person’s designated representative

The fire chief


Members shall accept no reward, fee, or valuable gift from any person for services incidental to the performance of duty except with permission of ______.

The fire chief


Who can you report a discrimination or sexual harassment complaint to?

•immediate supervisor
•f-225 to fire chief and fire commissioners
•any chief officer for informal counseling

*may also file a complaint with city's civil service commission or personnel department or any federal or state agency established to handle such complaints*


The privilege of exchange of time or adjustment of platoon schedules between members may be granted by _____

The fire chief


Unexcused absence of over ___ minute’s duration will be considered absence without leave. Tardiness shall be reported immediately.



When in command of assembled formation, tender the hand salute to only which persons?

Mayor, board of fire commissioners, chief officers in uniform


In accordance with Department policies, all members shall be assigned for service based on ____ and ____ for particular duties.

Merit and job related qualifications


Apparatus Operators shall acquaint themselves with the topography, physical conditions, street named, numbers, locations, and other matters affecting response in their _____ districts.

They shall also have a general knowledge of their ______ districts

•First alarm districts

•Greater alarm districts


Apparatus Operators will at all times, drive and operate apparatus in a safe manner, with due regard for?

the welfare of the public and the Department


Any member who believes that he or she has been subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment by another member or supervisor should immediately do what?

clearly communicate to that person that such behavior is unwelcome


No member shall circulate any questionnaire, poll, petition, letter, or other document relating to any Department policy, for signature by any member while on duty, unless the circulation of such questionnaire, poll, petition, letter, or other document has received the prior written approval of who?

Board of fire commissioners


All conclusive recommendations, request, reports, and other communications addressed to the Mayor, the City Council, the City Clerk, the City Attorney, or to other Commissions by any member of the Fire Department shall first be submitted to who?

the Board of Fire Commissioner


Subject to the authority of _____, members may transact private business in quarters with a representative of a commercial establishment, provided it does not interfere with departmental activities.

The Fire chief


The privilege of exchange of time or adjustment of platoon schedules between members may be granted by who?

Fire chief

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