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River Rescue: (Priority / Second / The Final outcome?)

Rescue of the victim is ______.
Self-rescue is ____.
Rescue of our teammates is _____

Remember that self-rescue is the priority
Rescue of our teammates is second
The rescue of the victim is the final outcome


River Rescue:
Victims should first be directed to be floating on their back with feet facing _____. The victim shall then utilize a ferry angle (angling their body ____ degrees against the current with the head pointing toward the "target" riverbank).




River Rescue:

The tension diagonal is generally a rope which is tensioned across a channel at a downstream angle of no more than ___ degrees to the current flow or vector



River Rescue:

From the ready position, a rescue net is dropped into the water on mutual command when the victim is still ___ to ___ seconds upstream

5-10 sec


River Rescue:

The inflated hose rescue operation should use 50 to ____ feet (maximum) of 2-1/2 inch firefighting hose

100ft max


River Rescue:

The inflated fire hose used for river rescue should be inflated to ___ to ___ psi.



River Rescue:

Once the inflated hose is filled with air it may be placed into the ready position, suspended from the downstream side of a bridge/overpass approximately ___ foot above the water



River Rescue: Throw Bag (Belay system or tether?)

The"thrower" shall be attached to a _____.
The "catcher" shall be tied off to a _____.

•The "thrower" shall be attached to a tether, since his mobility upstream or downstream is not necessary.
•The "catcher" shall be tied off to a belay system. This gives him the ability to move upstream or downstream to catch the victim pendulumming in at variable lengths.


River Rescue: Throw Bag

Successful throwing - an _____ (overhand or underhand?) throw which will spool the line out across the victim's chest has proven to be most effective



River Rescue:

In all cases where a member is within ____ ft of the water, specialized protective gear is mandatory.



River Rescue: (laminar flow or helical flow?)
1. ____ is the layered flows of water which are slower on the bottom and sides, and faster toward the surface.
2. ____ is a circular, rolling flow of water near the banks which forces water midstream

1. Laminar flow

2. helical flow


River Rescue:

A ____ is upstream current that forms behind a surface object in the river, or behind a bank or curve in the river.



River Rescue:

A ____ is formed when water barely passes over an object. An eddy still forms on the downstream side.


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