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where are the deep veins located?

underneath the deep fascia of the lower limb, accompanying the major arteries


Where are the superficial veins located?

in subcutaneous tissue
eventually drain into the deep veins


Why are the arteries and veins located within the same vascular sheath?

so that the arterial pulsation can aid the venous return


What is the main venous structure of the foot? where does it drain into?

dorsal (top) venous arch, draining into the superficial veins


What is the function of the veins in the lower limb?
what are the 2 groups that the veins of the lower limb can be divided into?

veins: drain deoxygenated blood and return to the heart
deep veins and superficial veins


Which veins are present on the plantar aspect of the foot? what do these veins combine to form? Which structure does it accompany?

medial and lateral plantar veins arise on plantar aspect of foot
they combine to form the posterior tibial vein accompanying the posterior tibial artery


Where does the posterior tibial vein enter the leg?

posteriorly via the medial malleolus


What is the popliteal vein formed from? where is it located?

posterior surface of knee
anterior tibial, posterior tibial and fibular veins unite to form the popliteal vein


Where does the popliteal vein enter the thigh?

via the adductor canal


What is the popliteal vein known as once it entered the thigh?

femoral vein


Where is the femoral vein located?

anteriorly, accompanying the femoral artery


Aside from the femoral vein, what is the other vein within the thigh?

deep vein of the thigh (profunda femoris vein)
via venous structure in the thigh - via perforating veins: drains blood from the thigh muscles into the distal section of the femoral vein


Where does the femoral vein leave the thigh? What is it known as once it leaves the femoral vein?

leaves thigh underneath the inguinal ligament
becomes the external iliac vein


Which veins drain the gluteal region? what do the veins empty into?

inferior and superior gluteal veins
empty into the internal iliac vein


Clinical: deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
what is it formed of? what does it cause?

formation of blood clot within the deep veins of lower limbs
leading to blockage of vessels
causes pain, swelling and tenderness of affected limb


What is the main complication of DVT?

pulmonary embolism
the thrombus can become dislodged, and travel into pulmonary circulation (to lungs)
pulmonary occlusion prevents blood from returning to the heart - resulting in mechanical shock


What do patients under a high risk of developing DVT undergo?

prophylactic treatment - prevent thrombosis