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The psychopathy checklist (Hare, 2003)

- Interpersonal manipulation facet
- callous affective facet
- erratic lifestyle facet
- antisocial facet


The psychopathy checklist
- interpersonal manipulation facet

- glibness/superficial charm
- manipulation
- grandiosity
- pathological lying


The Psychopathy checklist
- callous affect

- lack of empathy
- lack of remorse/guilt
- shallow affect
- failure to accept responsibility


The Psychopathy checklist
- erratic lifestyle

- parasitic lifestyle
- boredom process/stimulation seeking
- lack of realistic long-term goals
- impulsivity


The Psychopathy checklist
- antisocial facet

- early behavioral problems
- juvenile delinquency
- criminal versatility
- poor behavioural control
- parole violations


Psychopath facts

- 1% of pop
- 20% of prison pop, accounting for 50% of crime
- high recidivism rates
- amoral and unethical acts
- workplace bullies


Research on characteristics of psychopaths?

- flattened arousal
- poor recognition of fear and disgust faces
- sometimes fail to learn from punishment


Characteristics of community psychopaths

- cheating
- pornography and deviant sexual behaviour
- cultural deviance markers (e.g. Tattoos, piercings


Psychopaths as cheaters hypothesis

- cheat by mimicking emotions associated with co-operation and trustworthiness
- empathy signals trustworthiness and facilitates social interactions
- lack empathy but display indignation which appears similar to empathic reactions


Mating strategy: glibness/superficial charm, manipulative, grandiosity

- key role during initial courtship
- 'talked' into victimization.
- rapid progression of relationship
- longer term: detrimental to maintenance of relationship


Psychopath mating strategy: lack of empathy/remorse and shallow affect

- initially, lacking empathy would facilitate taking advantage of a vulnerable person
- however, the affective features are incompatible with a long-term relationship


Psychopath mating strategy: sexually promiscuous/parasitic lifestyle/boredom proneness

- the combination of these 3 characteristics would increase chances of reproductive success in short-term
- however, they are not what most people would want in long-term


Psychopath mating strategies: juvenile delinquency, criminal versatility, poor behavioural controls

- although delinquents may be sexually promiscuous, the antisocial characteristics of psychopathy generally compromise reproductive success, especially of incarcerated.


Psychopaths' mating "success"

- use deception effectively for sex
- have more one-night stands
- have biological children
- good at spotting vulnerability


Psychopaths in long-term rships

- talked into victimization
- lying
- economic, emotional and psychological abuse
- isolation and coercion
- children as pawns and poor treatment of them


Protect yourself from psychopaths (Harris & Rice, 2006)

- know reputations
- beware how they behave towards you and others
- beware of flattery
- talk to friends about your rship with suspect ppl