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A&P Final Exam
Negative feedback loops are _____...,
Which of the following is conside...,
The image of a typical chest x ra...
215  cards
Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Imaging Sciences
Which of the following is the dat...,
A radiographer s dosimetry report...,
According to the basic principles...
10  cards
chapter 1 practice
Define acute radiodermatitis,
Define cathode ray tube,
Define derived quantities
71  cards
Math 1 quiz
Define product,
Define exponent,
Define sum
50  cards
Chapter 1 Radiographic Positioning and Anatomy
Define anatomy,
Define physiology,
What is the structural organizati...
91  cards
If a radiologic technologist thre...,
Which statements regarding patien...,
Which is the process by which a g...
4  cards
Chapter 1 Radiographic Positioning and Anatomy Part 2
Define supine,
Define prone,
Define erect
125  cards
Final Review
What are some exceptions where 1 ...,
What are the reasons why a minimu...
33  cards
Workbook Final Exam Review
A ___ is an image of a patient s ...,
The ___ is the aspect of an x ray...,
True or false the base plane of t...
33  cards
Chapters 2, 3, and 5
Define atom,
What was bohr s theory,
Define nucleus
246  cards
Chapters 6-7
What are 2 interactions that crea...,
How much of electrons turn into x...,
How much of electrons turn into heat
108  cards
Chapter 8-9
Define transmisison,
Define tissue density,
Define secondary electron
5  cards
Retake quiz
When a filament knocks out a k sh...,
When it does interact with the im...,
Coherent scattering involves ioni...
11  cards

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