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CHAPTER 1a Vocab
A disorder in which the immune sy...,
The branch of psychology concerne...,
One or more premises used to prov...
37  cards
CHAPTER 1b Vocab
The need to associate with others...,
Personal stories about specific i...,
An in depth investigation of an i...
47  cards
People of Psychology
Willhelm wult,
11  cards
Unit 1 Guided Notes
The scientific study of behavior ...,
Any observable response or activi...,
Physiology ad philosophy
67  cards
CHAPTER 2 Vocab (A-E)
A brief change in a neuron electr...,
An inherited characteristic that ...,
Research studies that assess here...
27  cards
CHAPTER 2 Vocab (E-N)
Scientific studies in which resea...,
A physiological reaction to threa...,
The reproductive success of an in...
27  cards
CHAPTER 2 Vocab (N-Z)
The branch of the autonomic nervo...,
What each sex invests in terms of...,
Left right imbalances between the...
28  cards
Ch. 2 Review
Studies the relationship between ...,
Biological causes for abnormal be...,
Biologists of psychology
117  cards
CHAPTER 3 Vocab (A-F)
The minimum length of time after ...,
The minimum amount of stimulation...,
Changing existing mental structur...
29  cards
CHAPTER 3 Vocab (G-P)
The idea that incoming pain sensa...,
A theorietical orientation based ...,
Objects that can be represented i...
29  cards
Chapter 3 Review
Light waves,
Light waves affect the perception of,
85  cards
CHAPTER 3 Vocab (R-W)
The retinal area that when stimul...,
The neural tissue lining the insi...,
A cue to the depth based on the f...
19  cards
A variety of beverages containing...,
The afferent fibers running throu...,
Periodic fluctuations in physiolo...
38  cards
The formation of a new conditione...,
In behavior modification event th...,
Orientations that locate objects ...
21  cards
A type of conditioning in which a...,
The bodys defensive reaction to i...,
The tendency for an animals innat...
44  cards
Ch. 5 Review
A type of learning in which a sti...,
Man behind classical conditioning,
Conditioned dogs to salivate when...
90  cards
A visual image that persists afte...,
A significant memory loss that is...,
Loss of memory for events that oc...
35  cards
Continued rehearsal of material a...,
Models of memory that assume cogn...,
Simultaneously extracting differe...
29  cards
Tests that gauge a persons master...,
Psychological tests used to asses...,
The extent to which there is evid...
37  cards
Chapter 7b
The degree to which a person is s...,
The formation of a new conditione...,
A methodical step by step procedu...
22  cards
CHAPTER 7b pt. 2
The average length of childrens s...,
Persisting in suing problem solin...,
The ability to reflect on use of ...
19  cards
The need to master difficult chal...,
An inherited characteristic that ...,
The need to associate with others...
46  cards
CHAPTER 9 Vocab A-z
Any behavior that is intended to ...,
A variety of beverages containing...,
Loss of memories for events that ...
42  cards
CHAPTER 10 Vocab A-G
Changing existing mental structur...,
The age at which a baby can survi...,
The principal class of gonadal ho...
36  cards
CHAPTER 10 Vocab G-Z
A gradual reduction in the streng...,
Careful systematic observation of...,
The inability to envision reversi...
36  cards
Chapter 10 Review
Conception to 2 weeks,
Zygote becomes a mass of cells th...,
2 weeks to 8 weeks
96  cards
CHAPTER 11 Vocab A-P
According to jung emotionally cha...,
An interdisciplinary field that s...,
A theoretical orientation based o...
42  cards
CHAPTER 11 Vocab P-Z
Creating false but plausible excu...,
Behaving in a way thats exactly t...,
According to freud the principle ...
21  cards
CHAPTER 12 Vocab A-E
Fear of going out into public places,
A significant memory that is too ...,
Eating disorder characterize by i...
33  cards
CHAPTER 12 Vocab F-Z
A psychological disorder marked b...,
The process of determining the lo...,
Sensory perceptions that occur in...
34  cards
Chapter 12 Review
Dsm 4,
Axis 1 5 axes
84  cards
CHAPTER 13 Vocab A-Z
Medications that relieve tension ...,
Medications that gradually elevat...,
Medications used to gradually red...
46  cards
Chapter 13 Review
Md can prescribe psychoactive dru...,
Doctors who specialize in diagnos...,
Work w family physicians to t tre...
68  cards
Chapter 14
The scientific study of how we th...,
A belief and feeling that persist...,
Inferences people draw about caus...
72  cards

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