dental biochemistry

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Lec 1
Two types of proteins,
Most abundant fibrous protein,
Enzymes are blank
42  cards
Lecture 2
Nuclear proteins,
Immunoglobulin example,
What causes the immune response
54  cards
Lecture 3
Packing of secondary structural e...,
Organization of two or more polyp...,
Regularities in local conformatio...
21  cards
Lecture 4
Peptide bond has a partial blank,
Peptide double bond restricts blank,
Blank amino acids are involved in...
36  cards
Recitation 1
Ph pka,
Acidic side chain will be blank w...
2  cards
Lec 5 - Fibrous Proteins
Fibrous proteins are the building...,
Enzymes and adaptor proteins that...,
Massive structural proteins
41  cards
Lec 6 - Enzymes / Inhibitors
Each enzyme has a blank range of ...,
Enzymes generally work by breakin...,
Intermediates of enzyme products ...
38  cards
Lec 7 Kinetics
K is the blank,
Enzymes speed up attainment of eq...,
Linear portion of equilibrium cur...
49  cards
Lec 8 Membranes
The cell as well as blank has a c...,
Outer membrane of blank is contin...,
Rer is the site of blank
43  cards
Lec 9 Hemoglobin Gas Transport
A protein with a heme prosthetic ...,
Solubility of oxygen increases in...,
Globin is a blank
51  cards
Lec 10 - Metabolism
Displaced biofilm from the tooth ...,
A cluster of cv risk factors that...,
Catabolism is blank and blank energy
31  cards
Lec 11 Carb Digestion
Difference between aldose and ket...,
If carbonyl group is at edge or t...,
D and l carbohydrates are called ...
40  cards
Lec 12 Lipid digestion
Extracellular lipid digestion occ...,
Triglyceride is purely blank,
Omega 3 fatty acids inhibit the g...
32  cards
Lec 13 - Glycolysis
Mutant protein kinase results in ...,
Glut 1 2 3 4 5 are all blank tran...,
Glut 3 4 have a low blank
24  cards
Lec 14 Pyruvate Metabolism
Pyruvatate that goes through anae...,
Important enzyme for digesting ga...,
Blank is required for making glyc...
25  cards
Lec 15 - TCA Cycle
Acetyl coa requires blank for for...,
Catabolism makes blank,
Acetyl coa has a blank function
31  cards
Lec 16 - Oxidative Phosphorylation
Proton flow goes across the inner...,
Heme has a blank ring,
In order to produce heme 8 blank ...
20  cards
Lec 17 - Met/Dent Health II
Dextran is a very blank molecule,
Two healthy sugar alcohols for teeth,
Oral bacteria make acids and dext...
16  cards
Recitation 2 Test 2
Aerobic tca requires a lot of blank,
Succinyl coa is required for bios...,
Tca cycle has blank function
31  cards
Lec 18 Fatty Acid Oxidation
Extracellular fatty acid carrier,
Intracellular fatty acid carrier,
Double bond in fatty acid is in t...
26  cards
Lec 19 Ketone Metabolism
Liver maintains blood glucose hom...,
Important glucose precursor that ...,
Fasted state causes oxaloacetate ...
18  cards
Lec 20 Glycogen Metabolism
High carb diet has a blank time t...,
Glycogen has a very large glucose...,
Only thing left after glycogen me...
31  cards
Recitation 3 Test 2
Fatty acyl coa is transported to ...,
Cat 1 is inhibited by blank,
How many redox reactions exist in...
31  cards
21 - Gluconeogenesis
Enzymes involved,
Starving for one day recruits blank,
Stress response of starvation aft...
23  cards
22 - Pentose Phosphate
Glucose 6 phosphatase turns blank...,
Nadh is converted back and forth ...,
Nadph is involved in blank metabo...
14  cards
FA Synthesis
Oaa and acetyl coa form blank via...,
Citrate leaves mitochondrial matr...,
Citrate inhibits blank
23  cards
Last Recitation
Pyruvate carboxylase is regulated...,
Pfk 2 regulates pfk 1 by producin...,
Pka stimulates these
26  cards
Block 3 - Lec 24
Interferon for ms was made blank,
Sequence of bases,
Central dogma trinity
14  cards
Block 3 - Lec 25
Linear dna has a high blank ratio...,
Purines have blank rings,
Pyramidines have blank rings
36  cards
Block 3 - Lec 26/27
Semi conservative involves the bl...,
Conservative model is that a new ...,
Dispersive model is when old stra...
35  cards
Block 3 - Lec 28
An alternative form of a given gene,
Recombinant dna of mixed parentag...,
Creating multiple copies of a sin...
37  cards
Lec 30 RNA Transcription
Rna that is ribosomal,
Rna that encodes a protein,
Rna for splicing
34  cards
Lec 32 Genetic Code
Genetic code is overlapping or no...,
It takes blank bases to make an aa,
Adding this polyribonucleotide ma...
23  cards
Lec 33 - Translation
Elongation is a repeating phenome...,
This is specific for one of the 2...,
Proteins are made in this direction
15  cards
Block 3 - Hemoglobin Variants / Thalassemias
Defective beta globin synthesis l...,
Most at risk population for beta ...,
Disease similar to thalassemia th...
6  cards
Block 3 Review Session
When crp has camp blank can happen,
Trna ribosome in a site is moving...,
Peptide on trna in the p site tha...
5  cards
20 amino acids
19  cards
Test 2 Questions
Major circulating fuel in fed state,
3 stages of metabolism,
Gluconeogenesis takes place where
78  cards
Test 2 Questions Deck 2
Triacylglycerols are more blank t...,
Triacylglycerols are not associat...,
Starch contains more blank atoms ...
52  cards
Important Deck Test 2
Major storage fuel,
Major circulating fuel,
Second major circulating fuel
73  cards
Important importants for Test 2
Glycosidic bond in raffinose,
Raffinose requires blank for dige...,
Functions of hdl
35  cards
Block 3 - Lec 35 - Regulating RNA Synthesis
Decreased transcription of an rna...,
A gene that encodes the amino aci...,
A protein that binds to dna to in...
27  cards
Block 3 - Lec 36 - Hemoglobin / Globin Genes
Functional human hemoglobins all ...,
Adult and fetal hemoglobin have b...,
Embryonic hemoglobin have blank b...
24  cards

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