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What are parasites,
What do you call the living toget...,
A type of symbiotic relationship ...
63  cards
ParaLab - Specimen handling
Precaution that treats everything...,
Precaution that treats blood and ...,
What should you practice in the l...
43  cards
ParaLab - Fecal Artifacts
Fecal artifacts are also called a...,
Fecal artifact that resembles tae...,
Fecal artifact that appears polyg...
40  cards
ParaLab - Diagnostic Para
Simplest and easiest technique to...,
Used to directly detect presence ...,
What solution in the dfs is used for
53  cards
Amoeba (in general)
What sub phylum is characterized ...,
All amoeba inhabits the large int...,
What do you call the hyaline foot...
119  cards
A large group of protozoans posse...,
All flagellates reproduce asexual...,
All flagellates inhabit the large...
93  cards
What do you call the largest prot...,
Mot of balantidium coli,
Infective stage of balantidium coli
20  cards
What are the two genera that are ...,
Previously these two hemoflagella...,
The primitive structure in hemofl...
138  cards
What species are responsible for ...,
Vector of malaria,
Malaria came from the italian wor...
92  cards
Intestinal & Tissue Coccidian + Babesia (nd onting malaria quiz)
What do you call the group of mic...,
The intestinal sporozoa of man in...,
The sporozoans are part of phylum...
92  cards
Intestinal Nematodes
What do you call the tough protec...,
Nematodes when cut in half are ____,
Based on the presence of chemorec...
160  cards
Extraintestinal Nematodes
Common name of wuchereria bancrofti,
Common name of wuchereria bancrofti,
Intermediate host of wuchereria b...
79  cards
Amoeba and Flagellates questionnaire (from book)
Rounded cysts were found in a fre...,
Which of the following correctly ...,
Which of the following is the spe...
20  cards
Nematodes questionnaire
An ascaris egg that lacks the mam...,
Enterobius vermicularis infection...,
What is the infective stage of tr...
20  cards
Trematodes (characs)
Trematodes belong to what phylum,
Trematodes belong to what class a...,
Based on reproduction processes w...
67  cards
Liver flukes
Among the liver flukes which of t...,
Among the liver flukes which of t...,
Which of the liver flukes are sim...
43  cards
Intestinal flukes
What is the common name of fascio...,
First intermediate host of fascio...,
Second intermediate host of fasci...
45  cards
Lung and Pancreatic fluke
What is the best known of the lun...,
What paragonimus is enzootic thro...,
Typically paragonimus westermani ...
21  cards
Blood flukes
Three species of _schistosomes_ t...,
Less common species of schistosom...,
Although these flukes reside in t...
78  cards
Fluke questions book
In the mode of transmission for s...,
Sundathelphusa spp is the second ...,
Human clonorchiasis is possible t...
19  cards
Fluke identification
Identify the parasite based on eg...,
Identify the parasite based on eg...,
Identify the parasite based on eg...
29  cards
Cestodes (generalities + characs)
The cestodes or tapeworms constit...,
All adult tapeworms have a white ...,
All cestodes are hermaphroditic o...
58  cards
Cestodes (Pseudophyllidea)
The scolex of dibothriocephalus l...,
Dibothriocephalus latus is charac...,
The mature and gravid strobila
35  cards
Cestodes (Cyclophyllidea)
Common name of taenia solium,
Adult taenia solium may attain a ...,
The rostellum of taenia solium is...
121  cards
Cestodes questions book
Which of the following statements...,
Members of order pseudophyllidea ...,
D latus may cause anemia in the h...
22  cards

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