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Robert Charles Riots

28 died in this 1900 New Orleans race riot sparked after an African-American shot a white cop.


1900 Galveston hurricane

With 6000-12000 killed, this hurricane launched future president Hoover to notoriety.


United States presidential election, 1900

A rematch between McKinley and Bryant, since McKinley's former Vice President had died in office, the nominating convention selected Roosevelt. The Republicans came out strong for an imperialistic foreign policy, which the Democrats decried.


Louis' Lunch

First restaurant to serve hamburgers in 1900.


Big Stick Diplomacy

Roosevelt's foreign policy, rooted in imperialism, and a strong Navy.


Platt Amendment

1901, Stipulated the withdrawal of American troops from Cuba under the condition that the U.S. keep Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.


O. Henry

American playwright and short story writer, known for having surprise endings.


Leon Czolgosz

Anarchist who assassinated McKinley.


literacy test

These racially biased tests were given to black voters in the South to discourage their political participation.


Yellow fever

This disease killed many Americans who were fighting the Spanish-American War, and those who were building the Panama Canal.


Venezuela Crisis of 1902-1903

Venezuelan President refused to pay damages to European nations, leading to a blockade of the nation and the Roosevelt Corollary.


Roosevelt Corollary

Roosevelt's 1904 extension of the Monroe Doctrine, stating that the United States has the right to protect its economic interests in South And Central America by using military force, first put into effect in Dominican Republic


Philippine Organic Act (1902)

This law, which coincided with the end of the Philippine-American War, provided for the creation of a Filipino assembly, a bill of rights for Filipinos, and the disestablishment of the Roman Catholic church while still holding onto the island chain as a colony.


Newlands Reclamation Act

(1902) U.S. federal law that funded irrigation projects for arid lands in the American West.


United States presidential election, 1904

Roosevelt easily defeats Democrat Alton B. Parker, who only wins the South.


Solid South

The electoral support of states in the deep south for the Democratic party from Reconstruction into the 1960s.


1890 Manifesto

A statement which officially decried polygamy in the LDS Church.


Cy Young

An American MLB pitcher. Great at the game.


PS General Slocum

A ship which caught fire in the New York harbor and sank in 1904, killing over 1000.


Oxnard Strike of 1903

Japanese and Mexican laborers teamed up to strike against wealthy landowners.


Teddy bear

A soft toy named after President Roosevelt, introduced in 1902.


Martha Washington Hotel

This New York City hotel was the first built solely for women in 1903.


Hay-Herrán Treaty

This 1903 Panama Canal treaty passed the U.S. Congress, but failed in Columbia.


Wreck of the Old 97

A 1903 Southern Railroad crash which inspired a ballad which is the basis of all country music.


Milwaukee Mile

Oldest operating motor speedway in the world, opened in 1903.


Thousand Days' War

This war between Panamanian separatists and the Colombian government (1899-1903) lead to the independence of Panama. The U.S. supported Panamanian rebels because Columbia refused to cede land to America for use of the Panama canal.


Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

This 1903 treaty, signed by the U.S. and the newly-created Panama, allowed for the construction of the Panama Canal.


Kitty Hawk

The North Carolina town where the Wright brothers flew their first airplane.


Iroquois Theatre fire

This 1903 disaster killed over 600 people.


Frances Willard

A suffragette and temperance leader, she was president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and adopted the motto "Do Everything." Her influence was instrumental in passing the 18th and 19th Amendments, and in shaping state laws concerning the age of consent, the eight-hour work day, prison reform, scientific temperance, Christian socialism, and women's rights globally.