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Elm Farm Ollie

The first cow to fly in an airplane in 1930.


Clyde Tombaugh

The American who discovered Pluto in 1930.


Clarence Birdseye

Invented Bird's Eye Frozen Vegetables in 1930, father of the frozen food industry.


Motion Picture Production Code

AKA the Hays Code, it was created in 1930 to tame motion pictures now that they had gotten a bit too risqué. It's a continued point of controversy, regarding how it has stifled American filmmaking when compared to the films of other countries.


Chrysler Building

An Art Deco New York skyscraper. Tallest building in the world for less than a year in 1930, usurped by the Empire State Building.


Sergei Eisenstein

A Soviet Russian film theorist and director, his abstract concepts proved too on-the-fringe for American audiences.


Charlie Chaplin

A "silent comedian," this movie star continued to lengthen the silent film style and offer an alternative to the sound film with his trademark tattered suit, derby hat, and cane, playing the "little tramp" who made audiences laugh with his silent jokes.


Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act

1930- U.S. legislation that raised import duties by as much as 50%, adding considerable strain to the worldwide economic climate of the Great Depression. Hoover signed the act with the intention of protecting farmers. It contributed to the early loss of confidence on Wall Street and signaled U.S. isolationism. Other countries retaliated with similarly high protective tariffs, and overseas banks began to collapse. In 1934, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Trade Agreements Act, which reduced such tariffs.


The Shadow

A popular radio serial during the 1930s.


Joseph Force Crater

In 1930, this New York City judge disappeared never to be heard from again. This incident added to public disquiet about corruption in city government and was a factor in the downfall of the Tammany Hall political machine.


Betty Boop

A highly sexualized cartoon character, whose creation inspired several lawsuits including some filed under the Hays Act.


Helen Kane

This singer was the inspiration for Betty Boop, she sued the Boop animators but lost her case when it was revealed that Kane, in turn, had stolen her style from a black singer.


Clara Bow

The It Girl, a leading sex symbol of the Roaring Twenties, she was a silent film actress who retired in 1931.


Baby Esther

An African-American Cotton Club singer, her style was stolen by Helen Kane, and then stolen once more and used to create the character of Betty Boop.


Scotch Tape

An important American invention, introduced in 1930 by 3M.


jake leg

A disease caused by abuse of an extract found it bootlegged liquor, an outbreak of it occurred in the year 1930.


He Dog

A close associate of Crazy Horse, and leader of the Lakota during the Great Sioux War of 1876-1877.


Ernest Lawrence

An American scientist known for his work on the cyclotron and on the Manhattan Project.


Scottsboro Boys

Nine black boys falsely convicted of rape by an all-White jury in 1931.


Castellammarese War

A bloody 1931 power struggle over control of the Italian-American mafia which resulted in the creation of the Five Families.


Salvatore Maranzano

Instigated the Castellammarese War and briefly ruled over the entire Italian-American mafia before being taken out by a younger faction in 1931, leading to the creation of the Five Families.


The Five Families

The five ruling Italian-American mob families since the Castellammarese war


Empire State Building

Built in 1931 it took the title of tallest building in the world from the Chrysler Building.


Hoover Moratorium

Hoover's ineffective 1931 public statement pleading for an indefinite holding on the paying back of war debts to stave off the impending financial collapse, went ignored.


John Haven Emerson

Greatly improved the Iron Lung in 1931 just in time for a huge polio outbreak.


Bible Student movement

A Millenialist Restorationist Christian movement during the 1930s from which Jehovah's Witnesses were born.


George Washington Bridge

Connects Manhattan to New Jersey and built during the architectural boom of the 30s.


Phi Iota Alpha

First Latino fraternity since 1931.


Harold Urey

An American chemist who did pioneering work on isotopes in the 30s and discovered the deuterium.


Hattie Caraway

An Arkansas Democrat, the first woman elected to serve a full term as a Senator in 1932.