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Rage Against the Machine 2000 concert

Amidst the height of the Dot-Com Bubble, Rage Against the Machine preformed a concert on Wall Street which forced trading to close early.


Elián González

A young boy returned to Cuba in 2000 by decree of Janet Reno.


FDA v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.

(2000) Found that the government couldn't regulate the sale of tobacco, a blow to Pres. Clinton's anti-smoking legislation and platform.



A three-minute short film released in 2000, perhaps the first viral video ever, and a landmark in Internet film.


Elaine Chao

Asian-American Secretary of Labor under Pres. Bush, she oversaw the Marin County Sludge disaster.


USS Cole bombing

A 2000 suicide bombing on a US ship which strengthened Pres. Bush's resolve against Al-Qaeda.


United States presidential election, 2000

Republican George W. Bush defeats Democrat Al Gore in the electoral college, but not by popular vote. The final outcome isn't known for over a month due to disputed votes in Florida.


Katherine Harris

Florida Secretary of State in 2000 who attempted to stop recount efforts until the Florida Supreme Court overruled her.


Bush v. Gore

(2000) Demanded that Florida stop its recount due to irregularity in voting patterns.


The Wichita Horror

A 2000 crime spree which resulted in five deaths. The murder of four black young adults the week earlier received less coverage than the crimes against white victims.


Kyoto Protocol

A UN resolution calling for the reduction of greenhouse gases, Pres. Bush removed US support for this legislation in 2001.


Cincinnati riots of 2001

Riots resulting from the shooting death of Timothy Thomas. The ensuing protests and boycotts against the city took a serious economic toll and caused a change in local police practices.


The 2000 U.S. Senate Elections

The US Senate in 2000 was left with a 50/50 split. It was also notable that Hillary Clinton won election as the First Lady.


Jim Jeffords

Senator from Vermont who left the Republican Party to caucus with the Democrats, giving them brief control of the Senate from 2001-2002.


Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001

One of the two "Bush tax cuts," this legislation lowered tax rates and simplified pension plans.



A singer who died in a tragic 2001 plane accident.



A series of four airplane attacks against the United States led by al-Qaeda which led to the US launching the War on Terror, and invading Afghanistan to break up the Taliban, which was believed to be harboring al-Qaeda.


2001 anthrax attacks

Anthrax mailings to members of the media and two senators which increased fear and anti-terrorism paranoia in the weeks following 9/11.


Operation Enduring Freedom

The name given to several American operations as part of the War on Terror. Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan began in 2001 as a result of 9/11 and consisted of NATO forces.


Patriot Act

A 2001 law which limited individual liberty, but allowed the government to fight terrorism with more reign. Pres. Obama renewed the key sections of the provision in 2013. In 2015, the NSA's right to access phone information was qualified due to an outcry of privacy concerns.


American Airlines Flight 587

A 2001 plane crash in New York City which was immediately thought to be terrorism. It was later proved to be human error. The victims were 90% Dominican-American New York City residents.


Richard Reid

AKA the Shoe Bomber, his 2001 attempted terrorist attack contributed to a culture of fear and changed airplane policy.


Enron scandal

A 2001 scandal which resulted in the bankruptcy of Enron and public discontent against white collar industry.


Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty

A Cold War era treaty the US withdrew from in 2001 so that it could develop its missile technology in the War on Terror.


No Child Left Behind Act

A 2002 law which extended federal oversight into the day-to-day functioning of local school districts.


Daniel Pearl

An American journalist decapitated in 2002 by al-Qaeda in protest of Guantanamo Bay.


Axis of evil

A coin termed in 2002 by Pres. Bush in reference to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.


Rudy Giuliani

Mayor of New York during the 9/11 attacks, in 2002 he was knighted by the Queen.


Beltway sniper attacks

Highly publicized 2002 shootings in the DC area.


United States Department of Homeland Security

Created in 2002 by Pres. Bush as an office which works to prevent domestic terrorism.