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Edict of Nantes

1598- Granted limited religious freedom to French Protestants.


Samuel de Champlain

The "father of New France" he is credited with founding Quebec.



The only valuable resource in New France



French Catholic missionaries who labored to convert the Indians and keep them from being influenced by the fur trappers.


Antoine Cadillac

Frenchman who founded Detroit to prevent English settlers from pushing into the Ohio River Valley.


King William's War and Queen Anne's War

Wars fought between Britain, France, and Spain in North America from 1689-1713 and led to British territorial gains.


King George's War in America

(1744–48) Came about after the War of Jenkins's Ear, the English won, but Louisbourg was given back to the French anyway enraging the New Englanders.


French Acadians

A group acquired during wars with France that were scattered to Louisiana by the British, they developed Cajun culture.


French and Indian War

(1754-1763) The American theater of The Seven Years' War, it was fought all over the world, and is considered a colonist victory.


The Albany Congress

A failed attempt by the British government to unite the colonies during the French and Indian War.


General Braddock

A British general who set out to capture Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War, his force was slaughtered by the much smaller French and Indian Army in what is known as Braddock's Blunder, gave the French an early advantage.


William Pitt

A prominent man of London known as "The Great Commoner," attacked and captured Louisbourg during the French and Indian War.


Battle of Quebec

(1860) The most important battle of the French and Indian War. The British were lead by James Wolfe and the French by Marquis de Montcalm, the British won and Montreal fell.


The Treaty of Paris (1763)

Ended the French and Indian War and threw the French out of North America.



A chief of the Ottawas who, with the French, tried to drive the British out of the Ohio River Valley.