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SCBS's shall be used by personnel operating where?

In contaminated atmosphere

In an atmosphere which may suddenly be contaminated

In an atmosphere which is oxygen deficient

An atmosphere which may become oxygen deficient


Member shall achieve a non-leaking face-to-skin with the SCBA mask. ________ shall be accountable for compliance with this requirement.

Individual member


When shall each member check the condition of the SCBA?

Beginning of each shift

After each use

Any other time it may be necessary to render the equipment in a ready state of condition


If the SCBA is found to be functioning improperly, it ________, _______, ________, and ________.

Taken out of service

Red tagged


Replaced immediately


Replacement SCBA's shall be obtained from who?

Resource management or on-duty engineer after normal working hours


The use of SCBA's means what?

That all personnel shall have facepiece in place, breathing air


When should an SCBA be worn?

Above and below ground

Area which is not but may become contaminated by products of combustion or other hazardous substance


In routine fire situations, the decision to remove SCBA shall be made by whom?

Company officers, with the approval of sector officers


Where shall facial hair not be allowed?

Points where facepiece is designed to steal with the face


And evaluation of all members of the operations division in the use of an SCBA shall be conducted when?

Quarterly and annually


Each member of the operations division shall be accountable for how many SCBA's?



Each member is expected to undergo what annually if they are expected to respond and function in areas of atmospheric contamination?

Physical exam


Who shall assign s specific SCBA to each member?

Company officer


The intent of the SCBA policy is to avoid what?

Respiratory contact with products of combustion

Super heated gases

Toxic products

Others hazardous contaminants


If there's any doubt about respiratory safety SCBA use shall be maintained until the atmosphere is established to be safe by testing. Who shall be responsible for this determination?

Safety sector

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