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what are the 4 filters options for XfinityTV?

Movies, Sports, Kids and HD


Name 7 of the 14 Xfinity apps.

Xfinity TV, Xfinity TV go, Xfinity Streampix, Xfinity Purchases, Xfinity TV remote, Xfinity TV X1 remote, Xfinity connect, Xfinity WIFI, Xfinity Constant Guard Mobile, Xfinity Home, Xfinity On Campus, Xfinity My Account, Xfinity family sense, Xfinity sampler


On Xfinity TV go app how many registered devices are allowed in one household?

3 devices


How many live channels are in Xfinity TV Go?

58 live channels


Name 5 out of the 15 genres on the Xfinity TV Go app.

Action, animated, family, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, horror, music, mystery, nature, reality, scifi, sports, western.


What Portable device are Xfinity Apps NOT compatible with?

Kindle Fire and Windows 8 Operating Mobile Systems.
(X1 DVR_with_cloud_tech_FG_SLS1051_071014 pg.30)


On the Xfinity TV Go app, how many shows are stored in your viewing history?

11 Shows


What is required in order to view Xfinity On Demand and Live Stream Content?

A Connection to your personal In-home Xfinity in home network stream.


What are the minimum requirements to access Xfinity TV for Android and iOS systems?

Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 7.0 or later


What app do you use to make a phone call using your CDV services?

Xfinity Connect App


What app will include the "Where's my tech" feature?

Xfinity My Account App


What technology makes it possible for customers to stream completed X1 DVR recordings anywhere, anytime via the XFINITY TV App?

Cloud Technology


In 2015, what New Feature on the My Account app will alert Customers with scheduled appointments when their technician is about 30 minutes away from arriving at their home, and will be able to track this technician’s progress on a map?

"Where's My Tech"


Xfinity TV GO app

XFINITY TV subscribers can watch thousands of XFINITY On Demand TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere, with XFINITY TV Go.


What is the latest version of the Xfinity TV GO app?

The latest version is 2.4.0


What is the minimum IOS required for the Xfinity TO GO app version 2.4.0?

iOS 7


When opening the Xfinity "my account" app, what do you see?

you see if there is an outage, if you have a balance due, and your service center.


My account app.. what are the two options under the "balance due" section?

make a payment and view bill details


my account app, what are the options listed in this app?

account, TV, internet, voice, home


Name the Three Features on the Xfinity TV app?

1) Stream live TV, On Demand, DVR recordings, in or around your home via the in-home XFINITY network
2) Schedule/ Modify DVR recordings
3) Download your recordings for playback out of the home


How is Controls overlay activated/deactivated on the Xfinity TV app?

by tapping screen.


What features are included in Controls Overlay for the Xfinity TV app?

Overlay includes buttons for Mini-Guide, Last Viewed, Keypad, 15 Second skip forward (recordings only), 15 second skip back (recordings only), info button, CC toggle, SAP toggle, stop, start, pause (recordings only).


How does one make the Main Navigation screen available on the Xfinity TV app?

Main Navigation is available when user swipes the screen from left to right. It has the Guide, Saved and On Demand sections.


What does the TV grid will display on the Xfinity TV app?

All the channels available on the mobile device.


Downloading a recording from an X1 DVR with the Xfinity TV app allows you to do what?

Downloading a recording allows you to take the tablet or smartphone with you anywhere and watch the movie offline.(07/10/2014 Facilitator Guide)


In the connect app, what is the maximum amount of voicemail's you can see on one page?



Can you set up call forwarding in the Xfinity Connect App?



What does it mean when you have a movie or TV
show is “checked-out” from your X1 DVR library onto your phone or tablet with the Xfinity TV app?

That means other users in the household can’t download or watch the recording until it is returned.
(07/10/2014 Facilitator Guide)


How do you return a recording from the Xfinity TV app to your X1 DVR?

Cancelling the download or deleting the recording initiates the return process.
(07/10/2014 Facilitator Guide)


What are the options under the voice folders in the connect app?

Phone line, display, more options


Name the Three ways On Demand Titles can be sorted on the Xfinity TV app?

Popular, Alphabetic, and Most Recent.


Titles can be filtered to show titles that have HD and CC options using what buttons?

The filter buttons in lower right corner.
( X1 DVR with cloud technology 07/10/2014 Facilitator)


Customers also have access to stream live TV , On Demand, and DVR recordings through what website?


In the xfinity tv app, what are the options under saved?

Recent, recordings, downloads, scheduled


In order to stream live TV, On Demand, and DVR recordings at, must a customer be at their home connected to their XFINTY network (home
personal network)?



In the xfinity tv app, what are the options under on demand?

tv shows, movies


under the map legend in the WIFI app, what are the markers?

single hotspot, featured hotspot, coverage overlay


what are the three types of maps in the wifi app?

map, satellite and hybrid (combo of map and sat)


in the my account app, what are the settings options?

help, terms and policies, xfinity apps, rate this app


in the my account app, what information is given about your service center?

the hours and days open, the tasks that can be completed at this center and the optional link to get directions to the location


in the connect app, what are the three options for the home page?

email, text, voice


Name 4 of the 6 features with the X1 remote app?

• Voice Command feature
• Watch
• Change
• Find
• Record
• Gestures


On the Xfinity Connect app, what are the 5 main features that you can access?

Email, Text, Contacts, Voicemail, and Voice2Go Dialer


After 29 minutes of inactivity on a camera screen or 9 minutes of inactivity on a non-camera screen (Thermostats, Event History, etc.), the XFINITY Home app will do this?

Will begin a 1-minute countdown before closing automatically


This app, geared toward Sports Fans allows users to easily tune into all the sports games that are available for viewing on their TV as well as set their DVR to record the games they aren't home to watch.

Xfinity TV Sports Remote App


What leagues will the Xfinity TV Sports Remote App collect information for?

MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAAF (football), NCAAB (basketball)