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What is not required for internet essentials?

a deposit and credit check


How much is Internet Essentials monthly?

$9.95 per month


For basic internet essentials information, where can the customers go?, or call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376).


What are the requirements to qualify for the internet essentials program?

• Be located where Comcast offers Internet service.
• Has at least 1 child eligible to participate in the NSLP.
• Does not have any level of XFINITY Internet service within the last 90 days.
o If the customer currently has XFINITY TV and/or XFINITY Voice service, there is no impact to eligibility.
• Does not have an outstanding Comcast debt that is under 1 year old.
• The responsible person on the account (the account holder) must be 18 years of age or older, a resident of the address the service is being requested for, must be authorized to make installation decisions for that address and must have a child living with them in the same household that is eligible to receive free or reduced-price school lunches through the NSLP.


Comcast also accepts Internet Essentials Bulk Registration applications, what are the benefits to this?

• This allows organizations (non-profits, community-based organizations, religious organizations, school districts, community colleges, etc.) to sponsor and pay the monthly charges for Internet Essentials-qualified customers.
• Organizations also have the option to purchase computers for qualified applicants.


What are opportunity cards?

Internet Essentials Opportunity Cards became available for purchase in $60, $90 and $120 denominations. Opportunity Cards are Comcast gift cards that allow community partners to pay for new or existing Internet Essentials service for eligible families.


When did Comcast start offering opportunity cards?

August 2013


How do you say Internet Essentials in Spanish?

internet basico


Comcast is helping to make the Internet more accessible to community college students in the Chicago region.

Internet Essentials Community College Pilot Program


An Internet Essentials pilot is also in place for low income seniors who qualify for Medicaid in the West Palm Beach, Florida market and is called what?

Internet Essentials Senior Pilot Program