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Take your entertainment with you, anywhere you go. Watch thousands of XFINITY On Demand™ TV shows and movies on your tablet, smartphone or computer, plus stream your favorite sports, news, and kids networks live. You can even download TV shows and movies and watch them when you’re offline

Xfinity TV Go


Customer can turn any devices to a personal TV screen in their home. Stream any channel live, watch XFINITY On Demand™ and access your DVR shows on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Xfinity TV


This app allow you to pay your bill, manage appointments, view or edit your WiFi Network name or password, and troubleshoot your devices. No Lines. No Waiting.

Xfinity My Account


Share your favorite moments with friends and family. Live-stream directly from your smartphone to an X1 TV or another Share app user. Plus, send photos and videos and enjoy convenient cloud storage to relive your favorites.

Xfinity Share


Get the best out of your home phone service at home and on the go. Enjoy unlimited talk and text, Caller ID across multiple screens and Readable Voicemail.

Xfinity Connect


Stay connected to your home and family. Receive text and email alerts or access your system remotely

Xfinity Home


Locate and get directions to millions of hotspots in cities nationwide. Plus, enjoy enhanced security features at select hotspots.

Xfinity WiFi


Access the shows and movies you have purchased to own through XFINITY On Demand™ and watch on your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Xfinity OnDemand Purchases


With a mere tap, swipe, or shake of your smartphone, you can change channels and browse TV listings with ease. Plus, use voice commands to search for shows, schedule DVR recordings, and even get personalized recommendations.

Xfinity X1 Remote


This app is exclusively designed for students who live in on‐campus housing, this new service gives students the ability to watch their favorite shows, movies and sporting events anytime, anywhere on campus.

Xfinity On Campus


This app contains a library of movies and TV shows that you can watch commercial-free as much as you want on any screen - your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Xfinity Streampix