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What is the current version of Einstein?

Version: 1508.2.0.125


The blue account indicator indicates what?

Indicator is informational


In Account info, what does the red indicator mean?

Account is pending a disconnect or disconnected (can be voluntary disco or non-pay disco)


The yellow account indicator indicates what?

A warning or alert about the account


What are 5 of the 9 genres you can filter by in the Channel Lineup?

Music, Sports, Local, News & Info, Children & Family, Movies, Lifestyle, Help & Services and Multicultural


After loading an account, users with access to Einstein Service can see this in the center panel?

Interactive Troubleshooting Guides (ITG's)


Name 5 of the 10 options you can enter into Einstein to access a customer's account?

Phone #, Account #, CR Ticket Number, First Name, Last Name, Postal Address, Zip, Mac Address, DNS Lookup, Email Address/Username, or previous accounts through dates.


Which link do you use to see if there has been at least one Trouble Call scheduled on the account within the last 30 days?

Recent TC Link


In Einstein, what is the first search box under find customer?

Phone Number


If a Customer Calls In demanding to be put on the do not call/ do not mail list, where would you go in Einstein to do this?

My Useful Links > DNC/DNM Tool


What section indicates whether or not the customer is part of a reported outage?

Network Health section


Where can you see if any Open Work Orders are on an Xfinity Customer Account in Einstein?

Account Health > Open Work Orders


What does a yellow circle indicate in the email Indicator?

The email is missing.


Where would you go in Einstein to troubleshoot a customer having issues ordering a PPV?

TV > PPV Issues > Unable to Order PPV


In what way does Einstein implement Social Media-Like Information Sharing?

Through news feeds and alerts that are specific to the employee, their role, and their location. (Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


Name 3 specifications of a set-top box that you can find in Einstein?

1) Set Top Box Name
2) Set-top Make
3) Set-top Model
4) Set Top Type
5) STB Serial Number
6) STB MAC Address


What is the path you would take to provide a detailed record of the payment history?

Account Health > Account Info > View Billing Details


When using the Recommend a Change option in Einstein, how long before an Einstein Team member will respond?

Within two business days. (Document ID HOW4306)


What color and shape is the indicator when Ecobill or auto-pay is enabled?

A green circle


This section provides key billing information about the customer's account?

Account Info


When searching for an article using the center panel search bar, the ITG's do what?

They stay hidden and search results will display instead.


In the Open Tickets section of Account Health, name 3 of the 4 pieces of information provided about an open trouble ticket on a customer’s account?

1) Ticket number
2) Reason (problem code)
3) Date and time ticket was opened
4) Whether or not a truck roll has been scheduled


What path would you use to find the specs for a particular make and model of a cable box, Modem, or eMTA?

My Useful Links > Device Library


This section indicates the conditions impacting service delivery to a customer’s home such as a set-top box, modem and eMTA health, XFINITY On Demand and Pay Per View health, network health and more?

Diagnostics Section


What path do you use to locate the PPV/VOD limit, usage, remaining credit, as well as recent purchases?

Diagnostics > TV > VOD/PPV


How far back can you view a Customer's Previous bills in Einstein?

12 months


Name the Four Areas located on the main screen of Einstein.

1) Top Menu Bar 2) Left Menu Bar 3) Right Menu Bar 4) Center Panel (Introduction to Einstein Service - WBT)


What path do you use to find the Primary UID of a Xfinity customer in Einstein?

Diagnostics > Internet > Email


What path in Einstein can you find pictures and wiring diagrams of the Customer's devices?

Diagnostics>TV>Select Device>Select Device Image


Where can you find a customer's additional phone numbers, the Node, Franchise Area, rate Center in Einstein?

The "Pull Down" tab located in the center of the Top Menu