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What Channel brings the finest programming, producing novellas, reality shows, soccer and general entertainment?

Programming: Al Extremo, Cinema Azteca, Cosas de la Vida, Cuento Encantado, Prohibido Amar, Secretos del Aima

Azteca America


Which Channel's programming consists of variety series, sketch comedy series and reality programs along with a limited amount of scripted programs? In addition, the network broadcasts Spanish-language feature films that air during the midday hours each Monday through Saturday, and during the afternoon and evening hours on Sundays.

Programming: Mi Sueño Es Bailar, Alarma TV, Que Jalada, Noches Con Platanito, Tengo Talento Mucho Talentoa

Estrella TV


What channel (formerly MundoFOX) features teleseries, telenovelas, unique weekly series, news, movies, comedies, game shows, live sports, family-friendly programming and more?

Programming: Suleimán, El Gran Sultán, La Guerrera, El Capitán Camacho, El Capo, Quién Mató a Patricia Soler, Secretos del Paraíso, 100 Latinos Dijeron, Minuto para Ganar, La Esquina Roja de Rubí, Sabores de Familia



___________ is leading the industry in the production and distribution of high-quality Spanish-language content. Its multiple platforms include, a Spanish-language television network featuring original productions, theatrical motion pictures, news and sporting events.

Programming: La Voz Kids, Al Rojo Vivo, Caso Cerrado, General Sports



__________ is a Spanish-language television network in the United States. It is primarily dedicated to Latin American families who reside in the US and has the largest audience of Spanish-language television viewers in the world.

Programming: Boxeo, Fútbol, Béisbol, NFL, UFC, World/Local News, Despierta America, El Gordo y La Flaca, Al Punto



What Channel has a mission to entertain, educate and inspire families in Spanish with a contemporary mix of original productions, exclusive premieres, acquisitions and popular public television programs specially adapted for American Latinos.

Programming: Confesiones de Una Doctora, Cuentame Como Pasó, Aguila Roja, Africa De Mi Corazón, El Barco: Perdidos En El Oceano



Explore the richness and diversity of an ever-changing world with a unique 24-hour Spanish-language network. It delivers informative programs via documentaries, specials and kids programming.

Programming: Pesca Mortal, Survivorman, American Chopper, Pantano Peligroso, Atracciones Fatales

Discovery en Espanol


What Channel is a 24-hour television network dedicated to the Spanish-speaking audience in the United States. It presents a wide range of Spanish-language programming that focuses on the great dramatic moments and events as well as the pivotal figures in history. The channel highlights both world and Latin American history.

Programming: Pawn Stars, Maravillas Modernas, America: La Historia de Nosotros

History en Espanol


What channel offers educational, enriching and empowering content to our nation's fastest growing ethnic group?

Programming: El Club de Ali, Mi Salud Primero: Ponte en Forma con Carlos Pina, College Admissions 411, Euronews, Cinema HITN



What Channel (formerly Once TV Mexico) is a window to dynamic programming that reflects the essence of Mexico's traditions, people, memories, news and flavors?

Programming: Kipatla, Aqui Nos Toco Vivir, Mexico Social, Dialogos

Canal Once


What channel is a digital Hispanic faith channel from TBN, featuring Hispanic faith programs from numerous Latin American countries, as well as Spanish-language programs from the U.S?

Programming: Aquí Entre Nos!, La Visión, Casa De Dios, Vivencias

TBN Enlace USA


On which Spanish language can you watch live Papal events, masses, documentaries, dramas and teaching series, plus children's animation from producers throughout Latin America and the world?

Programming: Nuestra Fe en vivo, Conoza Primero su Fe Catolica, Cara a Cara

EWTN en Español


What channel offers a wide variety of Spanish-language programming, including a growing library of original productions? Its format combines comedy, action and drama series; music blocks and special events; sports programs; Mexican films; and extended news coverage.

Programming: Tu Casa TV, Archivo Grupero, Dame TV, Locas por el Fútbol Almohadazo

Canal 52MX


What channel is an emblematic channel where Latin Americans can find their favorite news and high-rated entertainment programming every day. It is the highest rated channel from across South America?

Programming: Fútbol en América, World/Local News, Rome Report, A Todo o Nada, Caribe Alegre y Tropical, Encuentros

Canal Sur


Which channel is the number one channel in Colombia, providing information and entertainment to the public, with top qualify productions that have been recognized all over the world?

Programming: Pablo Escobar: El Partón De Mal, El Show De Tony Benitez

Caracol TV International


Offers news, information programming from all countries in Latin America, soccer programming from the first divisions of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica. It also offers international friendly matches such as Honduras Men's National team matches.

Programming: Así es mi gente, Lo Nuestro, Hermano Lejano

Centroamérica TV


What is the that is a new 100% Spanish-language lifestyle channel that offers cooking, home improvement, reality shows, health and beauty, fashion, relationships and holiday celebrations programming?

Programming: Bebes en Adopcion, Amas de Casa en NJ, Chocco Fantasy, Lucha de Reinas, Tu Vida Mas Simple, East Bites West, Amsale Girls, Navidad Fox Life, Rocco's Dinner Party, Los Renovadores

FOX Life (formerly Utilisima)


_________ is a dynamic news-oriented and general entertainment channel that brings together regional programming from public broadcasters, independent producers and local access stations in various regions across Mexico.

Programming: Deportes Extremos, Cinescape Cinemisimo, La Hora de Comer Mente Abierta, Ayer Y Hoy



____________ is a 24/7 network of original programming targeted to the whole family with a sterling brand name and reputation in northern Mexico. Programming includes daily newscasts, children's programming, fashion and entertainment, game shows and sports programming.

Programming: Fútbol al Día, Las noches de fútbol, Multimedios Deportes, Telediario, Rumbo a La Corona, Mitad y Mitad, Volumen 4

Multimedios Television


__________ _________ is a modern general entertainment channel for Latinos, with a thrilling mix of premium sports, signature reality series, compelling dramas, blockbuster movies, music and must-see live events?

Programming: Larrymania, A Toda Gloria, Las Munecas de la Mafia, ISA, Welcome to Los Vargas, Reinas de Realty

NBC Universo (formerly mun2)


What channel is characterized for broadcasting the best telenovelas and series (drama) from Latin America?

Programming: Acompanantes, Alma Gemela, Como Aman Los Hombres Esas Mujeres



Which channel brings the best entertainment - including telenovelas, series, sports and TV news. All of the content is provided by RCN in Colombia.

Programming: El Capo, El Joe, Liga Postobon, Copa Postobon, RCN Noticias

RCN Nuestra Tele (formerly TV Colombia)


What channel was the first Peruvian channel launched in the U.S. It offers a wide range of informative and opinionated programs, as well as sports entertainment programs for all ages. It provides exclusive programs produced by the top channels from America TV and Canal Ny RPP.

Programming: Fútbol en América, Raza Peruana, Alto al Crimen, America Noticias, A Las Once, Cinescape, Al Aire

SUR Peru


What channel is the number one channel in Argentina? It provides the best quality in entertainment and programming. All content is 100% produced and it covers sports, music, series, kids, telenovelas, reality shows and news.

Programming: Resumen Deportivo, World/Local News, Gracias por Venir, BD, Los Vecinos Guerra, La Pelus

Telefe Internacional


What channel, made for the family, maintains the traditional style of Chilean TV, and broadcasts a variety of programs and genres of national and international interest? Watch news, soccer, analysis, novellas and much more.

Programming: Socias, Conectados, Donde Esta Elisa?, Por qué en mi jardín, Buscando America, La cultura del sexo

TV Chile


What channel lets you experience a collection of the best programs produced in the Dominican Republic. It offers news, music, talk shows, cooking shows, kids programming, soap operas and much more.

Programming: El Show Del Mediodia, Noche de Luz, El Pacha, Arriba y Alante

TV Dominicana


What is Spain's premier broadcast channel that offers the best general entertainment of its kind? The Hispanic viewer will enjoy Spanish game shows, sports, the arts, educational programs, fiction series, movies and the best news broadcasts from Spain.

Programming: Telediario, Informe Semanal, MasterChef, La Mañana De La 1, Letris, Corazón

Televisión Española Internacional (TVE Internacional)


What is the channel that offers Venezuelans something that no other channel can offer - a direct window to the reality of their country? It offers news, entertainment, novellas and comedy programs. It has programming from Globovision, RCTV and a group of other highly recognized stations.

Programming: Alo Venezuela, Del Dicho al Hecho

TV Venezuela


What channel counterprograms traditional Spanish-language networks with innovative programs including a vast library of Hollywood films, original talk shows, game shows, novellas, sports and news briefs to address the demand for diverse programming by today's U.S Hispanic community?

Programming: Contacto Deportivo, Solo Boxeo, Laura, Los Heroes del Norte, Rosario Tijeras



_________ _________ is an independent television station located in Puerto Rico. Its programming includes boxing, BSN basketball, telenovelas, movies, comedies, sitcoms, baseball, NFL football, both WWE and Puerto Rican professional wrestling, human interest shows and its news show, Noticentro.

Programming: Boxeo Boricua, Entre Nosotras, Jugando Pelota Dura, Asistencia Médica, D' Vuelta a Casa

Wapa America