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Anemia of Chronic Disease

Also known as anemia of inflammation.

Normocytic, normochromic anemia. Association with inflammatory diseases, malignancy, infections, and chronic medical illness.

Not a problem with iron absorption, but a problem with the distribution of iron in the body.



Is a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production. It is a cytokine for erythrocyte precursors in the bone marrow.

Produced in the kidney in response to hypoxia.



An acute phase reactant produced by the liver in response to cytokines.

A protein that is a key regulator of the entry of iron into the circulation. In states in which the hepcidin level is abnormally high (such as inflammation), serum iron falls due to iron trapping within macrophages.


Reticulocyte Count

A very important test to order when assessing for anemia of chronic disease. With a low amount of hemoglobin, you would expect the reticulocyte count to be elevated. If it is not elevated, then there lies a problem with the production of red blood cells.

Ferritin levels may also be high.


Expected Lab Results - Fe Deficiency

Fe: low

TIBC: high

Ferritin: low


Expected Lab Results - Normal

Fe: normal

TIBC: normal

Ferritin: normal


Expected Lab Results - ACD

Fe: low

TIBC: low

Ferritin: high


Androgens and RBC Production

Androgens increase RBC production.


Estrogens and RBC Production

Estrogens decrease RBC production.

Women typically have fewer RBC than men.


Anemia of Pregnancy

1. Physiologic (diluted by volume)

2. Iron deficiency

3. Folic acid deficiency


(2 and 3 are correctable through multivitamins)


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