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Several weeks usually exists between the time a person is infected with a virus and the time when labs test can detect antigens/antibodies.

HIV infected individuals, period may be months or years.


Approx. 80% of patients with HIV/HBV show no symptoms and are unaware of their infectious disease state.

Procedures established to prevent the spread of HBV serve as the basis for Universal Precautions.


All dental personnel must receive HBV vaccines (i.e. civ, dental lab, repair personnel).

Patients with infectious diseases or AIDS require consults before elective treatments.


Washing increases porosity of gloves up to 60% and repeated use of single pair of gloves is not permitted.

Change clinic aparel daily and when visibly soiled.


Aerosol particles can remain airborne long after a procedure is completed, staff/patients must not eat or drink in DTRs.

At the start of each workday, flush lines for 1 minute.


Stagnant water in the narrowbore unit tubing may have bacteria that can proliferate and may become pathogenic.

Afer each patient, run lines for 30 seconds.


Flush handpiece tubing for 1 minute at the beginning of each day for 30 seconds between patients.

Disinfect handpieces and run for 15 seconds into the HVE.


Dental procedures usually generate aerosol particles that avg 1.3 microns in diameter

Three 10 sec rinses temporarily reduce a patient's microbial count by up to 97%.


Opened irrigation solutions is acceptable for up to 1 week for nonsurgical use.

Solutions used for surgical procedures that a considered sterile can only be used 1 day.


For nonsterilizable tips, flush syringe for 30 seconds, wip with high level disinfectant, and wrap with disinfectant saturatd gauze for 10 minutes.

Do not us 2% glutaraldehyde as a surface disinfectant because of caustic vapor.


Flush each DTR unit water line and hose for 30 seconds at the end of the workday.

Contaminated laundry must be washed at least 25 minutes duration with water temperaturs of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit

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