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Organizational structure changes are only authorized through change transmittals signed by what official?
1.) CNO 2.) MCPON 3.) Secretary Of the Navy
4.) Chief, BUMED

Chief, BUMED


Who is the point of contact and coordinating authority for all change requests?

Chief of Staff (M09B)


Who is responsible for maintaining this BUMED instruction, providing administrative assistance to codes as necessary, and reviewing proposed changes for format and content?

BUMED Secretari at (M09B3)


What is the mission of the N093/M00, Surgeon General (SG)/(BUMED) ?

Principal advisor to the Chief, of Naval Operations (CNO) on the provision of centralized, coordinated policy development, guidance, and professional advice on health service programs for Department of the Navy (DON).


The SG is responsible directly to what higher official?



N093B/M09, Deputy Surgeon General/Deputy Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Mission. Principal staff advisor to the SG on all Navy Medicine matters. BUMED Chief Operating Officer. Acts as SG and Chief, BUMED in absence of incumbent for all matters not restricted by law.


Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) is what Echelon?

Echelon I


The Navy Surgeon General (N093) is the CNO’s principal official and also serves as the Chief, BUMED. What Echelon does he fall under?

Echelon II


The Deputy Surgeon General (N093B) also serves as the Deputy Chief, BUMED. What Echelon does this position fall under?

Echelon II


What are the four Echelon 3 Regional Commands?

Navy Medicine East, Navy Medicine West,
Navy Medicine National Capital Area, and
Navy Medicine Support Command.


Navy Medicine Regional Commanders report directly to who?

The Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery


What are the three Non-Regional Echelon 3 Commands that report directly to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery?

Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC),
Naval Medical Logistics Command (NMLC), and Navy Medicine Information Systems Support Activity (NAVMISSA).


Non-Regional Echelon 3 Commands report directly to who?

The Deputy Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.

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