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Safety Programs Afloat Course (A-493-2099).

This course is offered by the NAVOSH and Environmental Training Center (NAVOSHENVTRACEN). This course provides surface ship supervisory personnel, E-5 through E-9


Afloat Safety Officer Course (A-4J-0020).

This course is imbedded into the Department Head Course at Surface Warfare Officer School (SWOS), Newport, and is exported as a classroom course to major fleet centers.


Hazardous Material Control and Management Technician (HMC&M) Course (A-322-2600 or A-322-2601).

This course is taught by the NAVOSHENVTRACEN. It provides afloat and shore military HMC&M Technicians with the training required to safely handle, use, store, dispose, transfer and offload hazardous material (HM)/hazardous waste (HW). Successful completion of this course confers the secondary Navy enlisted classification (SNEC) code 9595.


Safety officers and assistant safety officers should attend the Navy Ergonomics Program Course.

Within six months of being assigned, all divisional safety petty officers aboard ship shall complete the Naval
Safety Supervisor Course (NAVEDTRA 14167) and Watch Station 301
of the safety programs afloat PQS (NAVEDTRA 43460-4B).


Completion of the Naval Safety Supervisor and the SPA courses satisfy part of the requirements for the Navy safety technician secondary Navy
enlisted classification (SNEC) code 9571.

At least two safety briefs are conducted at quarters or muster each month.


At a minimum, commands shall conduct one safety stand-down per year.

Where specified in this instruction division officers shall ensure training is documented using Navy career
development program databases (e.g., R-Admin, COMPASS) or other
standard electronic or hardcopy means.


Ships Safety Bulletin - Issued quarterly by COMNAVSAFECEN. Contains articles on shipboard safety problems, accident trends, and current technical information.

SeaShore Magazine - Issued quarterly by COMNAVSAFECEN. Publicizes fleet-wide safety programs and provides information on afloat and shore mishap prevention. Also contains shore hazard information and mishap statistics about occupational safety and health, fire, motor vehicles, weapons and explosives, and off-duty and recreational topics. Issued by COMNAVSAFECEN.


Ground Warrior – Issued bimonthly. Marine Corps tactical operation safety.



a. Safety and occupational health (SOH) training is an
integral part of operational risk management.

SOH training policy and requirements of this manual
are implemented by the Navy safety and occupational health Navy
training systems plan (NTSP S-40-8603E) (NOTAL).

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