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new imperialism

-1850s (1880-1990s especially)
Britain and France
-standard of living rise
-range of consumer products becomes diverse
-only Liberia and Ethiopia, Siam, Persia and Afghanistan survived
-cruel treatment of people (Leopold II of Belgium Congo)


causes of imperialism

-search for more markets
-search for more raw materials
-wanting to convert
-"keeping up with Jones" (search for status, not wanting to fall behind)
-strategic positions
-investing in capital
-social Darwinism (white man's burden)


British imperialism

-control of Suez canal, Malta, Gibraltar
-Mediterranean is now a British lake
-Boer control of south Africa (diamonds)


French during imperialism

smaller, but important to trade and national pride and identity


dutch during imperialism

-it not expand
-discovery of oil in east indies sustained power at higher level than Holland


germany during imperialism

-booby prizes (pickings left over by french and British)


china during imperialism

bad shape
trying to cope with modernity
opium war and boxer rebellion (european military interventions force china to accept european economic dominace)
-originally sphers of influence
-american suggest open door policy where everybody can trade and complete throughout CHina


japan during imperialism

industrialized rapidly
became a imperial power


USA during imperialism

defeated Spain and built its empire in Caribbean and pacific (panama canal)


Italians during imperialism

felt left out
they tried to control Ethiopia (failed)