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Name 4 P's of marketing and elaborate

Product: the results you will help the client achieve
Price: how much you will charge (volume discounts, seasonal, etc)
Place: where and how sessions are delivered (online, gym, bootcamps)
Promotion: Communication info to potential clients to spark interest (referral incentive, promo sales, sponsorship, social media interaction)
pull potential clients to you.. push existing to purchase more through incentives


10 steps to success

1. Desired annual income
2. weekly income needed to achieve decide annual Income/ weeks. Don't forget to add vacation
3. How many sessions need to be performed to achieve the weekly income? weekly income/# of sessions you should complete
4. What is the closing %
5. In what timeframe will new clients be acquired
6. How many potential clients need to be interacted with overall to gain clients within the timeframe
(how many ppl based on closing %)
7. how many potential clients need to be contacted each day?
8. How many each hour
9. ask member for his/ her contact info
10. follow up


Communication and structured selling techniques are the key foundations for every successful trainer



Benefits of being an independent contractor

In control of market and business practices
No overhead


Drawbacks of being an independent contractor

business and marketing not being supported by club
Club may take a % of fees


What are most decisions based on



Sharing info about your client without consent violates which NASM BOC Rule



Are you required to get liability insurance



How many CME must a trainer complete for recertification

2.0 or 20 hrs


How many years until recert must be done

every 2 years


6 guidelines for uncompromising customer service

1. Take every opp to meet and get to know all potential clients
2. Represent a positive image and high level of professionalism every minute of the day
3. Never give the impression that any question is inconvenient, unnecessary, or unintelligent
4. Express ideas well thru verbal communication, vocal tonality, and body language
5. Obsess on opportunities to create moments that strengthen professional relationships
6. Take ownership of complaints.