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What it the term in Chile for Wines of Origin?

Denominaciones de Origen (DO)


The DO regions in Chile can be subdivided and subdivided again, that are the terms for these subdivisions?

13 Sub Regions
then subdivided into


Introduced in 2012 what are the 3 new terms introduced to describe where a wine is from and what do they mean?

Costa = From near the coast
Entre Cordilleras = Between the (mountain) ranges
Andes = From the mountain area


How would you describe the 4 key geographical features of Chile?

i To the West is the Pacific Ocean
ii Just inland are the Coastal Mountain Ranges
iii To the East are the Andes Mountains
iv South of Santiago is a large depression between the two mountain ranges called 'Central Valley'.


How would you describe the climate of Chile?
What is the one risk of the climate?

Generally Warm Mediterranean
Dry, sunny, growing season = Grapes reliably ripen and low fungal risk.
RISK - Drought but in some places water is in short supply


What weather is potentially associated with
El Niño
La Niña

El Niño years - Rainfall can be very heavy
La Niña years - Drought may occur


What 3 things provides the cooling in Coastal areas and inside much of the Inland Mountain ranges?

The cold Humboldt Current flows up from Antarctica
Prevailing winds blow cool air inland along river valleys
Coastal areas can experience fog


What provides the cooling in the foothills of the Andes?

Cold air descends from mountains overnight providing a large diurnal range.


Climatically, what are conditions like between the Coastal mountains and the Andes?

More sheltered. Large expanses of flat land that is easier to cultivate


Working from North to South what are the 4 main wine producing regions of Chile?

Coquimbo Region
Aconcagua Region
Central Valley Region
Southern Region


What 3 sub regions make up Coquimbo Region and what contributes to them making good wine?

Elqui Valley, Limari Valley and Choapa Valley
Brilliant sunshine and marked cooling from sea breezes or mountain air


What is a constraint to grape growing in Coquimbo Region?

Irrigation is essential but very expensive due to little of it.


Where would you expect to find Chile's finest Chardonnay?

Limari Valley


What 1 white and 1 red wine would you expect from Elqui Valley?

Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah


What is the white wine that makes Limari Valley stand out?

Chile's best Chardonnay


What are the 2 sub regions of Aconcagua Valley and what is the renowned Zone within one of the subregions?

Casablanca Valley
San Antonio Valley containing Leyda Valley Zone


What factors contribute to Casablanca Valley and San Antonio Valley being cooled?

They lie between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountains benefitting from morning fogs and afternoon winds from the Ocean


Except for the special regions what are growing conditions like in much of Aconcagua Region?
What 3 grapes would you find there?

The vineyards on the fertile valley floor are some of the warmest growing conditions in Chile.
Cabernet Sauvignon


What 2 black and 2 white grapes do well in Casablanca Valley and San Antonio Valley?

Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc


What grape has Leyda Valley gained an excellent reputation for growing?

Sauvignon Blanc


What are the 4 main sub regions of the Central Valley Region?

Maipo Valley
Rapel Valley
Curicó Valley
Maule Valley


Where are the best vineyards in Maipo Valley located and what are they renowned for producing?

Located in the Andean foothills
A reputation for producing Cabernet Sauvignon with a 'minty' character


Rapel Valley is subdivided into 2 zones, what are they?

Cachapoal Valley and Colchagua Valley


What is the climate like in Cachapoal Valley and Colchagua Valley and what 3 black grapes are largely grown there?

Warm with little cooling although Colchagua valley is slightly cooler.
Carmenére on warm valley floor
Cab Sav and Syrah is cooler parts


Which 3 sub regions make up Southern Region?

Itata Valley
Bio Bio Valley
Malleco Valley


What is the climate like in Southern region and which grapes perform well there?

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and some aromatic varieties
The region is still in its infancy for wine


Roughly speaking how would you describe the climate of Chile?

The climate of Chile is diverse but can be described generally as warm Mediterranean


Which region is famed for its Carmenere?

Cachapoal Valley


Apalta is a region gaining a strong reputation for its premium wines, where is it located?

Colchagua Valley, on valley slopes


How would you describe the climate in Cachapoal Valley?

Warm, surrounded by mountains, no ocean influence


How would you describe the climate of Coquimbo region?

Brilliant sunlight, very, very dry


Where, in Aconcagua Region, would you find premium Pinot Noir?

San Antonio Valley


How would you describe the climate of Casablanca and San Antonio Valleys?

Cool, between the sea and Coastal mountain ranges.


How would you describe the climate of Aconcagua Valley?

Flat, fertile and very warm


Which region is developing a reputation for Old Bush Vine Carignan in Chile?

Maule Valley


What style would you expect from wines labelled 'Costa'?

Fresh, fruity, high acidity wines