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What is the climate of Tokaj?



Where are vineyards mainly located in Tokaj?

Hillsides with a southerly aspect


From driest to sweetest list list the 3 types of sweet wine

Late Harvest
Tokaji Aszu
Tokaji Eszencia


In 2013 the laws governing Tokaji Aszu were changed, what are the two main differences?

Minimum residual sugar increased meaning 3 and 4 puttonyos no longer exist just leaving 5 and 6 puttonyos
Tokaji Aszu wines now subject to shorter minimum ageing of 18 mo in oak with wines released in January of the 3rd year after harvest. It was 24 mo in oak being released in Jan of the 4th year after harvest


What does the term 'Szamorodni' mean?

'As it comes' meaning bunches of grapes that are partially affected with Noble Rot


How is Tokaji Eszencia made?

Only free run juice of Botrytis grapes. Incredibly sweet, yeast has trouble fermenting so fermentation goes on for a number of years. Final wine about 5% abv


How is Tokaji Aszu made?

A base wine is made from healthy grapes then, before, during or after fermentation Aszu grapes are macerated in the base wine for 12 to 60 hours. Wine is pressed then stored in oak.


What's the name of the unit used to express sweetness of Aszu wine

Puttony (plural puttonyos)


What is Tokaji Szamorodni?

A wine made from Szamorodni (as it comes) grapes that can be dry or sweet depending on the amount of Noble Rot present.


What are the names of the 3 principle grapes used to make Tokaji?

Furmint - Concentrated, high acid, wines. Apples when young, nuts & honey with age.
Harsevelu - adds perfume
Sarga Muskotaly (Muscat) - aromatic


List the 4 Human factors of wine

Grape Growing
Wine Making
Market Forces