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What is the general climate of New Zealand?

Influence of Pacific Ocean = Maritime climate


What is the Key For Success of NZ wine?

Long sunshine hours, nights cooled by sea breezes and long Autumnal ripening period = High sugar, High flavour ripeness and retained acidity


What is one potential hazard of grape growing in NZ. How is it, in part, naturally mitigated?

Rain can be a problem during ripening but most soils are free draining


What are the main black and white grapes of NZ?

Pinot Noir

Sauvignon Blanc


How would you descripe a typical NZ Sauvignan Blanc?

How would you expect it to be fermented?

Pungent aromas, intense flavours of elderflower and passion fruit with hi acidity.

Fermented in temperature controlled inert vessels


List the 5 most popular white grapes in NZ

Sauvignon Blanc


Rielsing, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris


How would you describe a typical NZ Chardonnay?

Concentrated citrus and tropical fruits with subtle toast and sweet spice from new French oak


Why do aromatic white grapes thrive in NZ?

Because the cool nights retain the aromatic compounds in the grapes


What are the top 4 black grapes in NZ?

Pinot Noir


Canernet Sauvignon



Describe a typical NZ Pinot Noir

Vibrant fruit, fine ripe tannins, soft texture, quite hi alc


Working North to South what are the 4 wine regions of North sland?



Hawke's Bay




Working North to South name the 4 wine regions of NZ South Island




Central Otago


Where is Auckland wine region, what is it's climate, what is a risk of it's climate and what is made there?

Almost the most northern part of North Island

Warmest, wettest part of NZ with a RISK of Fungal diseases

Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah


Where is Gisbourn wine region, what is it's climate, what is  and what is made there?

East coast of North Island

High temperatures and rainfall plus long sunshine hours

Over half of prodn is Chardonnay - Ripe tropical fruit

Small amount high quality Gewurz and full bodied
Pinot Gris too


Whare is Hawke's Bay wine region, what is it's climate like and what's made there?

East coast of North sland, immediately south of Gisbourne.

The warmest main growing area with longest sunshine hours. Has diverse soils, aspects and altitudes

Black grapes esp. Merlot, Can Sav made in BDX styles and Syrah too


What is the highest quality sub region of Hawke's Bay, what is the soil like and what does it have a high reputation for producing?

Gimblett Gravels

Well drained, heat absorbing gravels on the valley floor.

High reputation for producing black grapes; Merlot, Cab Sav made in a BDX style. Makes premium Syrah too.


Where is Wairarapa, what's the most important sub region there, what is it's climate like, what is it most famous for making and what does it taste like?

Southern Tip of North Island


High Summer temps but wide diurnal range

Pinot Noir - med~full body and ripe with hints of dark plum and spice


Working North to South name the 4 wine regions of NZ South Island

Marlborough inc. Wairau and Awatere Valley



Central Otago


Name the two sub regions of Marlborough and summarise the main differences between them

Wairau - Largest estuary, long sunny days, side valleys give aspects and altitudes

Awatere Valley - Drier, cooler, windier = leaner, more acidic wines.


Name the two subregions of Canterbury and briefly summarise the differences between them.

West of Christchurch - Plains, cooled by Pacific Ocean

Waipara Valley - Warmed by NW winds, and less exposed to Ocean influence


Where is Marlborough wine region, what is it's climate like and what's made there?

NE tip South Island

Wairau - Largest estuary, long sunny days. Side valleys giving aspects and altitudes.
Outstanding Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc - Tropical Fruit

Awatere Valley - Drier, cooler and windier = leaner, more acidic wines.
Sauvignon Blanc - higher acidity and pronounced herbaceous character.
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir too for still and sparkling.
Still Pinot Noir - Med body, fine tannins, cherry and cranberry flavours



Where is Nelson wine region, what is it's climate like and what's made there?

North coast of South Island directly west of Marlborough

Cooler and wetter than Marlborough due to exposure to westerlies from Pacific Ocean.

Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris


Where is Canterbury wine region, what are it's two sub regions, what is the climate like in each and what's made there?

East coast of South Island immediately south of Marlborough.

The plain to west of Christchurch - Exposed to cooling from Pacific with slight warming from NW winds.
Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir

Larger one, Waipara Valley, to the north - Less exposed to Pacific due to range of hills and more exposed to warm NW winds.
Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir plus hi quality Riesling


Where is Central Otago wine region, what is it's climate like and what is made there?

Inland in foothills of Southern New Zealand Alps, south of Canterbury.

Continental climate with RISK of frost damage in Spring and Autumn. Summers warm but large diurnal range. Very intense sunlight helps ripenning.
Spread over a number of diff aspects, soils and altitudes

Mainly Pinot Noir, Full bodied, juicy and vibrant with concentrated ripe fruit flavours.
Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay too.


List the 4 Natural factors of wine