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Describe the climates of Portugal

Predominantly Maritime from Atlantic influence
Many inland vineyards are hot dry and Continental
Altitude can moderate temperatures, especially at night, in some regions


What is the modern name of Portugal's PDO?
What is the traditional term?

DOP - Denominacão de Origen Protegida
DOC - Denominacão de Origen Controlada


What are the Portuguese terms for PGI wines?
What are non PGI table wines called?

IGP = Indicacão Geografica Protegida or
Traditionally Vinho Regional
Non IGP wines are called Vinho although Portugal has much success in this category esp. with fruity, off-dry, Rosé wines


What is the highest rated black grape in Portugal?
What are its key tasting notes?

Touriga Nacional - Intense colour, flavour and high tannins


Tempranillo is given two names in Portugal; what are they and what are the grape's tasting notes?

Tinta Roriz, alternatively known as Aragonês in Alentejo region
Thick skin, medium acidity, needs heat but also sea breezes and/or altitude to maintain acidity


Other than Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz name 3 other black grapes grown in Portugal and give simple tasting notes for each

Alfrocheiro - Deep colour with intense aroma of blackberry and strawberry
Jaen (known as Mencia in Spain) - Fresh fruit with medium~high acid
Baga - Late ripening with thick skinned berries gives deep colour, high tannins but if picked later gives soft, rich, black fruit flavours
Tricandeira- Drought tolerant, gives spicy berry flavours and high tannin
Alicante Bouschet - High colour and tannin, most used in blends
Syrah is also commonly grown


Name the three grapes worn in Vinho Verde and give simple tasting notes

Loreiro and Arinto - produce fresh wines with a slight sparkle, lemon flavours, high acidity and generally lower abv
Alvarinho (Albariño in Spain) - produce wines with riper, tropical, aromas but still with high acidity, higher abv at 11.5%~14%


DOC Vinho Verde has a moderate Mediterranean climate with plenty of rain. What risks does this bring and how do growers mitigate against the conditions?

High risk of disease; mood and rot.
Use spur pruned vines with VSP to maximise airflow through the vines


Where is DOC Douro and what is the climate like?

80km East of Porto, runs from the Marão mountains to the Spanish border.
Around the Douro river valley the vineyards are sheltered from the Atlantic by the Marão mountains giving a warm continental climate


Name the two dominant black grapes used to make DOC Douro red wines and give simple tasting notes of a DOC Douro red wine

Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo)
Deep colour, full body, intense black fruit, high tannin and toasty oak


Describe where good DOC Douro white grapes are grown and give simple tasting notes

The best from high altitude gives wines of fresh varietal flavours with med~high acidity


Describe the topology of Dão, where vines are planted, and its climate

Mountainous, 80km south of Douro with vines planted on gentler slopes at between 200~400 metres.
Winters are cold and wet, Summers warm and dry but with a high diurnal range giving a Moderate Continental climate


How would you describe red wines from Dão?

Delicate red fruit aromas, soft tannins and high acidity


Which 4 black grapes are now commonly grown in Dão?

Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Jaen (Mencia in Spain) and Alfrocheiro.
The best Dão reds are made from Encruzado


Where is DOC Bairrada located and what is the climate?

West of Dão close to the Atlantic
The climate is Maritime with rainy winters and warm summers, rain can be a problem around harvest time


What is the predominant black grape of Bairrada and, with later picking, what are the tasting notes?
What are the 2 white grapes used in this region?

Black grape = Baga, with later picking gives wines deep in colour, high tannin with soft, rich, black fruit flavours.
The predominant white grapes are Bical and Maria Gomes


Where is DOC Alentejo and what is the climate like?

Spread over 8 sub-regions in the SE of Portugal it has a warm growing season.
Cooler and wetter in the North, hotter, drier, centre and south


What are the wines from Alentejo like and what are the 3 main black grapes?

More elegant wines from cooler north, richer from hotter central and south. Typically deep in colour, high yet soft tannins, full body and expressive ripe fruit flavours.
Aragonês, Tricandeira and Alicante Bouschet with use of Touriga Nacional and Syrah increasing


Where is the largest Vinho Regional region in Portugal?

Vinho Regional Alentejano


List the 4 Human factors of wine

Grape Growing
Wine Making
Market Forces