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What is a right?

A right is something to which you are entitled.


What are reesponsibilities?

A responsibility is something you must do and for which you are answerable.


What are the consumers' rights?

1. The right to choice

2. The right to quality and value for money

3. The right to accurate information

4. The right to safety

5. The right to redress


The right to choice

There is a wide range of goods and services available to consumers.

This leads to competition between retailers.

Retailers must provide good quality and value for money.



What is a monopoly?

A monopoly exists where only one manufacturer or supplier provides a service and there is no competition.
Eg. Ianród Éireann


The right to quality and value for money

Quality means the item is of a high standard and fir for its purpose.

Often, the price paid of an item is in proportion to the quality of the item.


the right to accurate information

Suppliers of goods and services must provide clear and accurate information about their products so that consumers can make informed desciaions.

It is illegal to give false or misleading information about a product.


The right to safety

Consumers have the right to expect that goods and services will not be harmful or endanger their lives.

Dangerous items such as bleach and oven cleaners must carry warning symbols.

-Quality control


What is quality control?

Goods are tested during manufacturing. This is called quality control.


The right to redress

This means that if a consumer pays for an item or service that later turns out to be faulty, they are entitled to complain and be compensated.

3 Rs


What are the 3 Rs?

A free repair (item is fixed)

A full or partial refund (money back)

A replacement (a new item)