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What is a good quality product?

Well designed and finished
Suitable for its purpose


List of quality symbols

Guaranteed Irish

Q Mark


Irish Standards Mark

NSAI mark

Pure New wool

Double insulated appliances

Communauté Européene

Smoking kills


What is a guarantee?

A guarantee is a promise by the manufacturer that it will make good any faults in an item for a specific period of time after purchase


Guaranteed Irish

A product carrying this symbol has been manufactured in Ireland to a high degree of quality


Q Mark

The Q Mark is awarded by the EIQA (Excellent Irish Quality Association) to companies whose products or services have reached high standards of quality and excellence.



This is the symbol of the British Standards Institution (BSI). It means that the product has met high standards of quality, performance and safety.


Irish Standards Mark

This is the Irish equivalent of the Kitemark and is found on a wide range of electrical goods and appliances. It is awarded by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.


NSAI mark

An international quality standard awarded to companies with excellent quality management systems.


Pure New Wool

A product with the Woolmark symbol is made of pure new wool and is not blended or mixed with any other fibre.


Double insulated appliances

This indicates that an earth wire is not required, for example in electrical toasters and hairdryers.


Communauté Européene

A safety mark awarded by the EU. It can be found on electrical equipment, machines, medical devices, children's clothes, pushchaifs and carry ons.


Smoking kills

A government health warning found on cigarette packets and cigarette advertisements.


Good things to evaluate a service in terms of quality

Clean premises
Well laid out
Wheelchair accessible
Clean toilet facilities
Well managaed
Friendly, competent staff
Good standards of personal hygiene
Appreciation of customer needs


Bad things to evaluate a service in terms of quality

Dirty premises
Untidy and disorganised
No wheelchair access
Toilet facilities poir
Disorganised staff
Dismissive, unhelpful sraff
Careless personal hygiene
Rudeness and unwillingness to help


What is quality?

Quality is a term used to indicate that products or services are of a high standard.