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Nutrient correct amounts for energy

50% of energy from carbohydrates, 33% from fat, 16% from protein as well as minerals, vitamins and water.


Healthy eating guidelines

Reduce intake of saturated fat
Increase intake of fruit, vegetables, water, iron and calcium,


Food pyramid order + max/min intake

Max 1 - Snack foods

Any 2 - essential fats and oils

Any 2 - Meat, fish, eggs group

Any 3 - Dairy group

Any 5 - Fruit and vegetables group

Any 6 - Cereals and breads group



Babies rely on milk for the first 4-6 months of their lives
Skimmed milk is not suitable
Weaned at 4-6 months
Cow's milk is not suitable until they are 1 years old.


Young Children

Have a diet with plenty of protein, calcium, iron and energy.
They should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Avoid high-fat, salty or sugary snacks.
Develop healthy eating habits at a young age.


Balanced eating

Provide a diet high in protein, calcium, iron and Vitamins A and D.
Foods from the bread, cereal and potato group should be included in every meal.
Include healthy snacks like fresh fruit, yoghurt, nuts, dried fruits, etc.
Include milk and dairy foods in the diet.


Balanced eating

Eat a variety of foods
Include protein for replay and growth of cells
Avoid too much saturated fat
Salt intake should be controlled.


Balanced eating
Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Make sure diet provides all essential nutrients
Iron and Vitamin C should be taken to prevent anaemia
Folic acid should be taken to prevent Spina Bifida and other NTDS in the baby.
Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, spicy or rich foods, strong tea and coffee.


Balanced diet
elderly people

eat a healthy diet
regularly exercise
Include fruit and veg in the diet
Vitamin B is needed for healthy nerves and release of energy.


Balanced diet

A person recovering from an accident will need a diet rich in protein for repair of damaged cells.
Zinc and vitamin C are needed for healing and fighting infection
Energy foods should be cut down
ensure plenty of fluids are taken