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Functions of clothes

-To express personality:
some people are casual, others are more formal.

-Protection from weather:
eg, warm clothes for winter, clothes to protect us from the sun, wind and rain.

eg. On the beach we are expected to wear at least swimwear.

uniforms are used to identify people, eg. police.

-To flatter:
clothes can be used to make the body look good.

clothes can provide safety for various activities, eg. firefighter's clothes.


Guidelines for buying clothes

consider the clothe's purpose. Are you going to wear it? What are it's properties?

choose clothes easy to wash.

check labels for measurements.

decide if it is good value for money.


will it last for a long time?



accessories are extra items worn to complete a look of change a look.


Why are accessories worn?

Accessories are worn because they:
complete an outfit
change the look of an outfit
create an interesting look
express our taste and style
can be functional, eg a bag or rucksack.


Fashion industry: courier

Fashion designer. Twice a year, designers show their collection in the fashion capitals of London, Milan, New York, and Paris. These designs set trends for the next season.


Fashion industry: haute couture.

(high fashion) original and very expensive clothes made by fashion designers for individual people.


Fashion industry: prêt-à-porter

A designer's 'ready-to-wear' collection. They are good-quality, well-made clothes that are more readily available and cheaper than haute couture.


Fashion industry: off-the-peg clothing.

The clothes seen in most shops. It is affordable fashion for the general population. The clothes are made using cheaper fabrics and caster production methods.


Designing an outfit

Consider the following points when designing an outfit:
-occasion (formal or casual)
-cost of outfit



By changing the line, a person can be made ti look taller or shorter, thinner or broader.
-vertical lines add height and make a person look slimmer
-horizontal lines make a person look broader
-curved lines, such as uneven hems give a soft look to clothes.
-diagonal lines are dramatic and striking.