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What are the five parts of dental ethics according to the ADA code of ethics

Patient autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence, Justice, veracity


The basic concept of patient autonomy is that they have the right to

Determine what should be done with their own bodies, forms foundation for informed consent


Is the patients right to self-determination absolute

No DDS must weigh benefits/harms and inform the patient contemporary standards of oral health care


The ADA's definition of patient autonomy includes the concept that we need to

Respect in treatment decisions in a meaningful way


Your feet for a copy of the patient's records must be either

Gratuitously or nominal cost


Obligation to inform means that we have the obligation to inform the patient of their

Present oral status even if they have been seeing other dentist regularly


The three basic concepts under the topic of nonmaleficence include

Keeping knowledge and skills current, knowing one's limitations, knowing when and under what circumstances allegation of patient care to auxiliaries is appropriate


A licensed auxiliary should always be allowed to do the duties in their license when the opportunity is available