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What are the four functional divisions of the facial nerve?

branchial motor
visceral motor
somatic sensory
visceral sensory


Where is the facial motor nerve nucleus located?

ventrolateral pons


What is so special about how the facial nerve exits the brainstem?

it goes up and over the abducens nerve


Damage to the facial motor nucleus causes what defect?

ipsilateral facial paralysis


Damage to the facial nerve causes what deficit?

ipsilateral facial paralysis


How does the corneal blink reflex work?

-nociceptive signals from cornea enter spinal trigeminal nucleus and synapse with 2 interneurons
-2 interneurons run to each facial motor nucleus
-motor neurons run ipsilateral to the orbicularis oculi muscles causing bilateral blinking


Corticalbulbar tract and facial muscles relation

superior face is innervated by corticalbulbar fibers bilaterally, inferior face is innervated only contralaterally